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Beautiful wedding stationery and wedding invitations

Save the date ideas

Once the date of your wedding is decided, send out save the date cards to the friends and family who will be invited to your wedding for the whole day. They don't need to be detailed they need to inform your guests of the date, your names and that an invitation will be in the post, 'invitation to follow' is a nice phrase.

Something that is very important, is to make it clear who is invited to your big day and, if possible, where it will take place. If parents need to make arrangements for childcare they will need lots of warning and if a passport is required that it will be in date!

You can order personalised save the date cards online, have them made for you or make them yourself. Save the date fridge magnets, scratch-off cards, balloons or photo booth style cards are a fun idea, it doesn't mean you have to follow on with quirky wedding stationery.

send save the date cards to your wedding guests

These gorgeous save the date cards have been made by layering rose gold glitter card and ivory pearlised card

Thinking about employing a wedding stationer?

When it comes to your wedding stationery design, you may decide to choose a wedding stationery package that is created for you by a professional wedding stationer. If you search online for the best wedding stationery websites, you will find a huge amount of choice.

Search for 'wedding stationery near me' and you can arrange to meet face to face with stationers who will talk you through everything you might need, like rsvp cards and all your wedding invitation stationery. You will usually be able to see examples of their work and other stationery items you will need like orders of service, guest books and table plans.

Your stationer will work with you and your wish list

Stunning wedding stationery suites made to order

Ask about Table Plans with embellishments

Ask about different embellishments to create a stunning table plan

A great stationer will supply all your wedding day stationery items

A stunning, personalised glitter guest book with ribbon and pearl embellishment

Working with a stationer will mean you benefit from their experience and enthusiasm, they will arrange all the wedding stationery printing and advise you on wedding stationery wording. If you have a colour or wedding theme in mind they will show you how to achieve this involving you in every step along the way.

Your wedding stationer will create beautiful, personalised wedding stationery for you and, once the day and evening invitations are completed, they will adapt your chosen design to all the rest of your day stationery.

This bespoke service can vary a lot in cost so contact several stationers and look at a lot of websites so you can gauge the average cost for wedding stationery and decide how you wish to proceed. Most stationers have a portfolio of designs that will cater to different budgets, they may also encourage you to share your own ideas. Their reviews, social media platforms and testimonials will tell you lots about them and will help you choose the right stationer for you.

should I order my stationery online?

You may choose to order your stationery online, this is still creative and fun but can be organised quickly and you will still be guided through step by step. There will likely be a wedding stationery checklist pdf to download and then, once you know what you want you will be guided through.

You will be able to choose the colours of the cardstock, the design you'd like, the font style plus additional extras like belly bands or lined envelopes. You can choose a simple invite or a package with additional enclosures and printed items. Most online wedding stationery printers will offer personalised samples so you can see and feel the finished wedding stationery. A proofing system will also allow you to be confident all the correct information will be printed.

There are usually fewer embellishment options offered online, perhaps a choice of ribbon but the emphasis is usually on the artwork and fonts used. Less can be more and, if you're looking for cheap wedding stationery, a printed card with a quality envelope that can be delivered swiftly, might be perfect for you.

Keep decision making to a minimum and style to the max

printed wedding stationery
Different colours of card and combinations of fonts look amazing

Choosing your wedding stationery, is DIY an option?

Contemporary wedding stationery can also be quite minimal or simple in design. If you want your wedding stationery to follow current design trends then search for '2020 wedding design trends' and see if you like the ideas and ask yourself if they would suit your wedding.

If you struggle to find what you like online, or a wedding stationer can't quite make your personal style of wedding invitation stationery, make your own!

If you search online, look in magazines or go to wedding fairs you'll soon appreciate what is included in wedding stationery suites. Going DIY can save you a lot of money too.

Making DIY invitations easy

If you have been considering making your wedding stationery you will want to create something special. You may think you have to be really good at crafting or be very artistic. All you do need is to have an idea and the space and time to create your stationery.

If you don't have the space or time then consider asking a close friend or family member.

It is possible that someone you know may offer to make your wedding stationery for you, possibly as a wedding present! You will still have complete design control and, therefore, your stationery will be totally unique!

Making DIY stationery is a wonderful opportunity for you to bring friends or family together on a project where everyone has a job and, together, you create something wonderful! It really helps if you have the following:

  1. Access to a printer, a desktop printer is perfectly fine, particularly if it's a laser printer. One of your friends may have access to a works printer that they are permitted to use for personal work
  2. Quality cardmaking products. Many companies, like for example, cater especially for the DIY wedding market and carry all the products and tools you need. Their experience means they can offer tailored advice and can guide you through what you need for your job.
  3. A space you can all meet with room to work, and tea and coffee making facilities!

Decorative papers are an easy way to add gorgeous texture

It's exciting and fun choosing the products you need

For luxury wedding stationery choose pearls and diamantes

A pretty mix of embellishments for heirloom boouquets and guest books
Choose a mix of different embellishments and lace to decorate your heirloom guest book

Luxury satin and organza ribbons are perfect for weddings

Luxury satin ribbons add texture and colour to your stationery and venue styling

do it yourself wedding stationery

You might prefer to make your wedding stationery yourself, on your own, and have been looking forward to this special job.

The key is good planning and preparation. Make lots of samples, do lots of testing before you buy your card, ribbons, envelopes and embellishments in bulk and ask suppliers for advice if needed.

You may find, at this practice stage, your vision doesn't quite work or just wasn't what you expected. This shouldn't be disheartening, it's a positive as you haven't wasted card or time and a few small changes may be all that's needed.

Start with your envelope or presentation box first and work backwards so you know everything will fit nicely together when your invitations are finished!

The sense of achievement from making your own wedding stationery will be huge and, if made with friends and family, a lot of fun will have been had and memories created. Making your wedding stationery thank you cards will be a fun project in the weeks ahead.

Little strips of Thank You ribbon look lovely on home made 'Thank You' cards

do your wedding stationery research

Consult friends and family members or join forums who discuss weddings and consider all the questions to ask before ordering or making your wedding stationery. 'Is it easy to make wedding invitations?', 'is it best to work with a wedding stationer?', is 'order of the day' wedding stationery important?

This shared experience will guide you towards making the right decisions for you and your partner resulting in the perfect wedding stationery for your big day.

We're always happy to help

 If you do decide to DIY, enjoy browsing our wowvow website and don't forget we will happily look at any of your card/ribbon samples to guide you too the best, matching or coordinating products.