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Boxed wedding invitations add intrigue and offer protection

Adding a little wow factor!

If you would like to add drama to the sending and presenting of your invitations then look no further than presentation boxes. The boxes we sell at wowvow are the perfect size to send as a Large Letter and, for that extra-special touch, to hand-deliver!

Protect your precious invitations with a wedding postal box and vellum wrap

A beautifully decorated pocketfold invitation in a wedding invitation box
Protect your gorgeous invitation in a pretty box and post as a Large Letter

Delight guests and hand-deliver your beautiful, boxed wedding invitations

Hand delivered invitations with beautiful bows
Adds some theatre with big, gorgeous bows on hand-delivered wedding invitations

First things first to make up boxes for handmade cards

This informative video is a step by step guide showing you how to assemble your lidded wedding invitation boxes

When to replace an envelope with a presentation box

Handmade wedding invitations can be a little bulky for classic envelopes as you may have big bows decorating the fronts or lots of enclosures bundled together inside. Embellished wedding invitations might have sparkling diamante craft embellishments on the front which could press through an envelope, spoiling that, all-important, first impression.

Laser-cut designs and pocket fold invitations are also ideal candidates for presentation boxes. Laser cuts are very delicate and can spoil if not handled carefully when placing in envelopes and pocketfold invites can be bulky once filled with all your wedding information. Having pockets means they are designed to be filled and hold lots of information

Keep all your wedding information together with a pocketfold invite

Pocketfold invitations for all your enclosures
Layered invitations and pocket fold enclosures all add thickness to your invitations

A presentation box protects your special embellishments

A stunning diamante gem on a wedding invitation wallet
A stunning gem can damage an envelope so a box is perfect

decorative laser-cut invitations require delicate handling

Delicate lasercuts for lacey invitations
Laser-cut invitations are so beautiful and do all the hand work for you

Quality invitation boxes come in stunning board stocks

If you use a wedding invitation presentation box you can tie big bows around the outside of the box! Boxes for handmade cards aren't a new thing but they weren't always available in such lovely board stocks or considered an integral part of the invitation.

You can print a decorative top to stick on the box, either with an address printed in a pretty calligraphic font or just the names of the recipients and a little additional embellishment

Boxes will transform already beautiful invitations into luxury wedding invites with all the added theatre of opening a special gift box rather than an envelope. Of course, presentation boxes become wedding memory boxes, protecting the invitations for future generations to see.

When it comes to decoration, go big or go home!

If you enjoy crafting and would love to make handcrafted wedding stationery you can create whatever styles you like and use any embellishments you like. You may have a textured paper you want to use, special embellishments or dried flowers you'd love to use for a personal touch but need to protect.

All these options may lead to multi-layered stationery where you mat and layer lots of lovely papers and card. You might have textured pebble papers or wired ribbon bows you don't want to crush. Even a square of card acting as a board protector may not add the protection you need.

Once you add in enclosures e.g. save the dates, accommodation information, gift lists etc. The invitations can be really quite thick so would distort their envelopes and not look quite as professional as you might like.

Presentation boxes will protect the largest of decorations

Big blowsy bows for boxed invitations
Go large with gorgeous satin ribbons on your wedding invitations

Boxed invitations mean you can bring out the bling!

Lots of sparkle for invitations and wedding invite boxes
Decorate your invitation boxes or use them to protect the embellished invitations within

A simple greeting card box with gorgeous invitation within

protect wax seals with invitation boxes
Present stunning invitations with home-made wax seals in elegant wedding invite boxes

Decorating card boxes with lids

Before you assemble your wedding invitation boxes you can run them through your printer to add further pattern or text. You can also trap ribbon as you assemble the box lid to give a smart strip of satin or organza in your chosen colour across the lid with no cut edges showing.

Boxed Cards are a card and a beautiful gift in one!

Special wedding cards, for example, when you ask your friend or family member to be your bridesmaid, could be presented in boxes as can pretty thank you cards made after your special day. Imagine how thrilled your parents or closest helpers would be to receive a lovely handmade card in a presentation box.

Thank your bridesmail with a special hand-made card
Our self-assembly wedding boxes are brilliant for special, homemade cards

A Large Letter box for cost-effective postage as well as a keepsake!

Keepsake wedding invitations and cards that are being posted in their boxes will require the lids to be securely fastened to the bases. Clear tape will work but it's almost nicer to make the closure really obvious and part of the design. One idea would be to print the recipient's address on a wide label that runs across the front but also down the sides and onto the back of the box.

As guests prepare for your big day they can also use the box to keep everything together including your accommodation confirmation or any notes they've made in advance of your wedding day. You may have received your invite in an envelope but realise a presentation box is a perfect way to present your wedding gift.  For smaller gifts, they are a lovely alternative to a traditional gift bag and can be posted into a wedding post box for additional security!

Presentation boxes you send as a large letter
Specifically designed to be Large Letter size our presentation boxes offer luxe for less!

Need help or guidance when it comes to DIY wedding stationery?

Here at wowvow we have years of experience of DIY wedding stationery makes, as well as creating stunning bespoke wedding stationery and we're always here to help if you have any enquiries or need advice XXX