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Wedding Colour Theme: Champagne - it's always the Answer!

You can see in this beautiful photograph by that a Champagne colour theme is a wonderful choice for a wedding.

It’s hard to express the impact the colour Champagne has had on the world of weddings! Years ago I would have referred to this colour as ‘gilver’ as products were sold under this description and, it does essentially explain that champagne is indeed a marriage of ‘gold’ and ‘silver.’ Thank goodness it has been renamed!

A stunning bouquet with cool tones of Champagne

A stunning heirloom wedding bouquet from

Deeper tones of rich Champagne

Rich champagne embellishments, photograph by

We associate champagne with indulgence, celebration, and quality so how apt that this luxurious colour reflects all those things and more. From the palest gold through to deep creamy gold tones champagne offers so much.

Pop, Fizz....Clink!

 If you are wearing a white gown, then a ‘cooler’ grey toned champagne will look wonderful, wearing an ivory gown...then let the warmer toned champagne tones sing beside you. Don't forget to 'set the scene' with your wedding invitations, Champagne satin ribbon is so beautiful!!

Ethereal and beautiful - Champagne's paler tones

A cropped section from a beautiful photograph by

Warmer tones and complementary colours

A cropped section from a larger, and beautiful photograph by

Gorgeous Champagne ribbon for your wedding stationery

Beautiful wedding stationery with 25mm Champagne Satin Ribbon

Love neutral, nude tones or a bolder statement? Champagne's the key

Complement pale, soft champagne with accents of soft pinks, blues, apricots, and lavender or let a warmer champagne provide the link between white/ivory through to bolder colours like navy, red, sage green or deeper pinks.

Champagne and pastel coloured macarons - delicious!

Champagne and pastel tones in this cropped image by

Champagne and sage, a winning combination of colours

Stunning image (cropped) by

Deep navy and rich Champagne look fabulous together

Navy and champagne coloured macarons by 'One Last Bite - Elegant Hand Crafted Desserts'

Contemporary and sophisticated, could champagne be your chosen wedding theme?

Use champagne ribbons on your stationery, celebrate dreamy, creamy flowers within your floral displays, enjoy the colour of champagne everywhere you’d consider using gold (but felt it too strong) and your celebration will ooze with sophistication. Champagne is a very contemporary wedding colour theme and you can only imagine how beautiful a champagne themed venue would look bathed in sunshine or candlelight…..sensational! Glass of bubbly anyone?

congratulations to the happy couple! we love this beautiful photo by We have cropped it slightly to zoom in on the Champagne! Cheers Everyone!

Some DIY wedding products to help you achieve that Champagne wedding dream

Serious sparkle to delight your guests!

Gorgeous glitter guest books unique to

Add drama to your invitations and the guest 'experience'

Line your envelopes with glitter liners for maximum impact!

Pure Silk in soft Champagne - stunning

Gorgeous silk ribbon for champagne themed weddings

Champagne Opulence Pebble paper, fabulous texture

Lustrous pebble paper for adding texture to wedding stationery

Charmed by Champagne - charms make great embellishments

A delightful twinkling Charm for wedding stationery and crafts

Cool champagnes tones for contemporary chic

Cool Champagne Silver satin ribbon from Shindo Ribbons - gorgeous

Sensational Champagne sparkle for your glittering invitations

'Champagne Supernova' Glitter paper and Card

Wax seals - Be unique and create something wonderful

Wax seals are ideal for your contemporary invitations

Sepia tones work well with champagne colour themes

Cameos add vintage appeal and are ideal for heirloom bouquets

Brooch, Chair clips, shoe clips, gorgeous soft clip flowers

With brooch pin and crocodile clip these gorgeous flowers are so versatile

Fantastic Wedding Party gifts from Katie Loxton

Metallic soft champagne gold pouch for Mother of the Bride

Champagne Floral detail in this gorgeous embossed paper

Softly textured decorative paper with champagne theme

Add complimentary pops of colour to your champagne wedding stationery design or venue plan and see how everything links together beautifully.

For a champagne themed wedding, the softest pinks, palest blues, gentle lavenders complement so well but don't forget you can go bold with reds and deep deep pinks too!

Looking for advice on colour? Email or phone us and we will always do our very best to help

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