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New to wowvow: Beautiful Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

We are thrilled to introduce our stunning, coordinating collection of laser cut invitations. We have chosen top quality boardstocks and fabulous, stylish colour options.

With the contemporary couple in mind we have introduced amazing matt colour options as well as the soft 'must have' pearlescent boardstocks so popular for weddings.

With intricate designs sometimes 'less is more' so we have deliberately chosen matt and pearlescent boardstocks to really focus the eye on the laser cut detail and to complement, not overwhelm, additional embellishment.

let us introduce you to the new wowvow collection of carefully curated laser cut invitations

The following designs are all new to wowvow and are all sized at 145 x 145mm.

Some designs will look familiar but that where the similarity ends. Boardstocks are new, and in our opinion better, the finishing is superior and the colours.....are all we have dreamed of.

We hope you will be as thrilled as we are!

Firstly - Our milanese wallet

The 'Milanese Wallet' is a superbly detailed and more intricate version of the 'Belle Milanese' wallet that has been an incredibly popular design on wowvow over the years.

We know consistency of supply and quality is key to our customers so our collection has been carefully researched so we can offer the best possible service.

The Milanese Wallet in Chalk Calico

A stunning design in the most beautiful colour imaginable

Chalk Calico is possibly the most exciting introduction to our matt laser cut boardstock collection. It has to go into the 'nude' category of colour, not white, not ivory, not cream not blush just, quite simply.... delicious!

In our matt boardstock collection we have also added a super stylish and contemporary Chalk Grey as well as Chalk Pink, a soft, fresh and perfectly toned, irresistible matt pale pink!

Introducing Chalk Grey, Chalk Calico and Chalk Pink

The gorgeous new matt boardstocks we have selected for our new laser cuts.

Secondly - Our 'Baroque' laser cut invitation

The 'Baroque' has to be one of the most intricate and overwhelmingly ornate laser cut invitation designs available.

Our regular customers will know how popular the 'Belle Baroque' has been so we hope you will agree than the new, more delicate design, in such stunning new colour options is a true classic.

The Baroque in royale champagne

Our Baroque laser cut in luxurious Royale Champagne pearlised boardstock, absolutely stunning!

Royale Champagne is a soft, lustrous pearlescent boardstock in a beautiful champagne shade that is just perfect for weddings.

Customers already familiar with our Champagne Supernova glitter card and paper with be thrilled to know it coordinates beautifully.

Into our pearlescent Royale collection we have added Royale White, Royale Ivory, Royale Grey and, of course Royale Champagne

Introducing our Pearlescent 'Royale' boardstocks

All our new laser cuts are available in these luxurious, soft pearlescent boardstocks

Next - Our 'Baroque Pocketfold' laser cut invitation

As we know how much you love the intricacy of the 'Baroque' we just had to introduce the Baroque Pocketfold. Opening to the side it reveals a beautiful laser cut pocket, perfect for all your enclosures.

Our Baroque Pocketfold in Royale White

The Pearlescent Royale White Baroque Pocketfold so elegant and luxurious

The pockets are so pretty your guests will delight in their invitations

Bundle your enclosures together and pop them in this gorgeous pocket. Accommodation list, Directions, RSVP and Menu Options, all kept safely together
Delicious detail in the hidden surprise of this gorgeous pocket
A beautiful side-opening pocketfold wedding invitation with laser cut detail

And last but not least - The 'Aspen Pocketfold' laser cut invitation

The Aspen Pocketfold is a stunning new laser cut design that we just has to include in our collection.

This gorgeous side-opening pocketfold not only has the decorated front panel but a beautiful laser cut pocket within.

It's so delicate and pretty that we know you'll just love it, especially in our stylish and contemporary collection of colours and boardstocks.

The stunning Aspen Pocketfold in Royale Grey

The beautiful Aspen Pocketfold has a foliage themed pattern with hidden heart references

What a lovely surprise when you open the pocket to see more delicate laser cut detail

Keep your guests well informed by choosing an invitation with a pocket where your Accommodation list, Directions, RSVP and Menu Options can all be kept safely together.
Stunning Pocketfold wedding invitations
Gorgeous detail on the inner pocket of the Aspen Pocketfold
Our Aspen Pocketfold shown in the beautiful Chalk Pink

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