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DIY Wax Seals – Unique and Beautiful Embellishments for Wedding Stationery

The traditional wax seal is now the must-have embellishment for wedding stationery, elegant and effortlessly stylish.

A handmade wax seal is as unique as the person who makes it. Each individually crafted wax seal is a special gift, just for the recipient of the invitation.

You will find making wax seals is a calming, fascinating and addictive process. There’s no stress about the uniformity of your invitations and there’s little need for any additional embellishment.

Gorgeous wedding stationery that demonstrates how, sometimes, a beautiful wax seal is all the decoration you need.

Watch and enjoy the creative process of making a unique wax seal

Coordinate wax seals to your wedding colour theme, many gorgeous colours of wax are available. Choose matt wax or pearl wax depending on the cardstock you choose.

Beautiful and unique embellishments

Delicate and beautiful, the perfect embellishments for invitations. Ivory Pearl wax

Sealing wax stick for use in hot glue guns

DIY wax seals for your wedding stationery
Our fabulous Turquoise Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks (Pearl)

A contemporary choice for wedding stationery design

Contemporary style for the modern couple. Champagne Pearl wax.

Wax seals look amazing when used to seal gatefold invitations or vellum wraps. If you have a wedding invitation ‘bundle use twine or narrow ribbon to tie it together then secure it with the wax seal.

The melted wax sets hard and secures twine and ribbon

Try sprinkling glitter or tiny dried flowers on the wax or lay on delicate leaf or floral sprigs before pressing on the wax seal stamp to add another individual touch and a little more detail.

How to add sparkle or texture to your wax seal

Unique wax seal stamp designs, created especially for wowvow, are available in our online shop along with the most beautiful colours of wax seal sticks.

Our wax seal sticks do not have wicks as they are specifically for use in a hot glue gun. You can, of course break them up and heat in a melting spoon over a candle.

Quality sealing waxes in an array of contemporary colours

Dusty Rose Sealing wax with Botanical No. 4 wax seal stamp impression

One of our beautiful Botanical themed wax seal stamps

Our Botanical Fern sealing wax stamp. Exquisite detail. Exclusive to wowvow

Each wax seal stamps comes with a quality polished wooden handle

Quality wax seal stamps made in brass. This is our Botanical Heart

Bespoke initials and date stamp to personalise your wax seals

We can make a bespoke monogram wax seal stamp just for you

Personalise your wax seals with your initials in script

Perhaps you would prefer you initials in script. Order your bespoke stamp with wowvow

Create your own, beautiful heart themed personalised wax seals

A heart themed wax stamp with personalised initials, just order via wowvow

We can create a unique wax seal stamp from your artwork

Submit your artwork and we can create your bespoke wax seal stamp

Stunning metallic, pearl and matt wax available to make your seals

Metallic wax adds dynamic swirls and movement to your wax seals

Add an ampersand and two people become a couple!

An ampersand is the perfect symbol for weddings.

Make your own beautiful wax seals for your wedding stationery

We hope our videos will demonstrate the ease with which you can make your own wax seals and what an enjoyable experience it is. Use a hot glue gun for speed or melt the wax in a spoon, each seal will be totally unique and all the more beautiful for it!