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Ribbon for weddings, crafting and DIY stationery

The right ribbon for the job

Craft ribbons and trims are a very cost-effective and colourful way to decorate wedding invitations, embellish gifts, clothing, craft projects and add texture and interest to your venue styling.


There are many different types of ribbon but the most popular is satin. Organza is very widely used too as it's a sheer and delicate fabric so colours are less deep than satin and it is very soft.


You can get single and double-faced satin ribbon. Single-sided has a silky feel to one side and a less smooth side to the other, double sided is silky smooth on both sides.

Berisfords satin ribbon in liberty purple
Double faced satin ribbon feels lovely and silky on both sides and makes beautiful bows
Delicate shades of berisfords organza ribbon
Organza is such a sheer and delicate fabric it makes beautiful ribbon for weddings

making beautiful bows for gifts, wedding cakes and stationery

Satin double sided makes beautiful ribbon bows and is lovely for wedding cake ribbon.

This is an easy video guide on tying a classic bow

Single sided can be tricky for bows but some bow-making styles allow the shiny side to be seen on all parts of the bow so don't discount it. These bow styles will also suit decorative ribbons that have been printed on one side only.

See this video showing you how to make a beautiful double bow with a single sided ribbon or a ribbon with the pattern on one side only. Keep the silky side or patterned side facing upwards and it will look fabulous!

Wire edged ribbon is particularly useful for large, statement bows for gift wrapping, cake decoration or wedding cake decoration. You can bend the wire to shape the bow and the tails. Any wide trim could easily collapse and create a floppy bow but wired trims will keep everything in shape.

Double Dior bow with ribbon tails
Although easy to make you can buy stunning pre-made satin bows
Sparkling wired organza ribbon for statement bows
At Christmas use sparkling wired ribbon on your tree, gifts and table centrepieces
Satin ribbon is a brilliant way to add your wedding colour theme to your wedding cake
Satin ribbon is silky soft but holds a good bow so is perfect for wedding cakes

Where to buy ribbon?

You can buy ribbon from any good haberdashery store, crafting themed shop or by shopping online. If it's simply ribbons that you want to order online, you might wish to refine your search. Is it Christmas ribbon, personalised ribbon, red ribbon or blue ribbon you need? If your search is very general you may feel overwhelmed!

Patterned ribbon is very pretty way to decorate gifts and can be tied with a knot for ease as well as a bow. At Christmas consider black watch tartan or other tartans teamed with brown paper, maybe even wax seals for rustic but beautiful gift wrapping. Tartans are particularly good as they are woven so the pattern is on both sides.


If you want to learn how to tie a bow with ribbon look online, particularly youtube, for videos and tutorials. Ask a specific question like 'how to make a bow with ribbon' and you'll be rewarded with lots of ideas for making different types of bows. Here's a video showing a really pretty way to decorate a wedding invitation

Printed ribbons for special occasions
Add another dimension to your decorative crafting with printed or personalised ribbons
Choos ethe right ribbon width for the job!
Think about the best ribbon-width for the bow or decorative effect you want
Woven tartan ribbon for double sided design
Special tartans for special occasions, beautiful, structured patterns and colours for all year round

Looking for luxury but on a budget? Be guided by how much ribbon you need

Silk ribbon is stunning but is definitely a luxurious choice; perfect for very special wedding stationery or perhaps for wrapping round an expensive gift like a gorgeous cashmere jumper. The way hand-dyed raw silk takes on natural dyes is beautiful, the colour blends softly, in contrast to solid coloured silk. The colour ranges are superb, especially if you're looking for different tones and subtle shades

if you're planning to use a lot of trim search for polyester ribbons as they are very cost-effective with lots of colours available. These are particularly good for wedding car ribbons and bows. Much more weather resistant due to the synthetic fibres. They are less flexible so will make very rigid bows and will hold their shape well.

The most versatile wedding ribbon is satin as its high quality is such that it's perfect for wedding stationery, makes beautiful bows, comes in gorgeous colours and, as mentioned, satin ribbon reels are widely available. Berisfords ribbon is lovely, as is Satab and Shindo, especially for contemporary colour palettes with Club Green offering great value for money with a slightly reduced colour choice.

Silk ribbon from May Arts
The luxury of hand-dyed silk cannot be beaten, it's gorgeous!
3501 Berisfords double face poly satin
Berisfords offer superb colour consistency and the quality is excellent
lustrous fashion ribbon from Satab
Satab ribbon is primarily used in fashion. We're lucky to sell this gorgeous ribbon. 25m on a reel too!
Cost effective quality sating ribbon from Shindo
Shindo offers a great collection of colours and offers quality ribbon at a great price
Lovely satin, cost effective ribbon
Club Green ribbon is a lovely quality ribbon and whilst the colour choice is a little small the price is great!

Quick wins and all you need to know about printed ribbon

You can buy pull bows where the simple mechanism, when pulled, creates a bundle of loops that you can pull into position to make a pretty bow. These are widely used in the florist industry and are great for gift wrapping if you have a lot to wrap and not enough time but still want gifts to look special.

For a wedding or special occasion, you might consider having some personalised printed ribbon made. Polyester and satin are particularly good fabrics for this. Of course the more you order the less the cost per metre will be, so always find out the minimum order quantities first. Woven or screen printed  designs require a lot of preparation so expect minimum runs to be in the 100 meters + this is still a brilliant option as the quality of ribbon will be high and your ribbon very unique.

Companies who print ribbon will also be able to supply bridal sashes, personalised trim, all sorts of bespoke ribbon for your hen do right through to the big day. You can order very small quantities and you can get foiled designs but you may be restricted by the choice of fonts, designs etc. It's important to check though as new technology is making personalised trims more and more accessible.

Remember printed ribbon is one-sided so, if making bows, or decorating with it, choose the right style

Polyester Pull-bow for speed and shape
Pull-bows are a very speedy way to make bows. The polyester ribbon helps them keep shape and protects from the elements
Gorgeous printed cotton ribbon
Printed ribbon adds fun and personality to gifts, stationery and all manner of craft makes
Short runs print on polyester ribbon
Polyester ribbon is great for foiling text or pattern, short runs too!

Ribbon comes in every colour imaginable!

Ribbon is a fantastic way to introduce colour to wedding stationery or any craft project. If you keep a neutral background e.g. white or ivory you can introduce your favourite colour with a big, hand-tied bow, a wrap, a ribbon belly band or a delicate 3mm ribbon that bundles your invitation together with all your enclosures, RSVP, directions, accommodation suggestions, gift list etc.

Use ribon to add your wedding colour theme
See how silky satin ribbon add both texture and colour to your wedding stationery...gorgeous!

``These are a few of my favorite things``

It's so versatile, ribbon is wonderful! The excitement of untying it from a gift, the beauty of bow-making, Christmas tree ribbons, wedding venue and cake decorating! Who knew fabric trim and embellishments could have so many uses!

Christmas gift wrapping at it's best
See how stunning this Christmas gift looks with the addition of 25mm wide satin ribbon
Beautiful subtle colours of wide silk ribbon
We just love this silk ribbon, it feels fabulous, the colours are amazing and it makes amazing bows
Narrow 3mm ribbon for favour gifts
Narrow 3mm ribbon is perfect for tying bundles of stationery together and for favour boxes and gifts

Need help or guidance when it comes to ribbon and trims?

Here at wowvow we have years of experience of both using and supplying different ribbons and trims and we're always here to help if you have any enquiries XXX