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Stationer Spotlight - 'Take a Bow' Mandy Bateman

At wowvow we supply  hundreds of fabulous wedding stationers. We focus on wedding related products at wowvow and we wanted to know more about our valued customers who work in this wonderful industry.

For our first ‘Stationer Spotlight’ we have been so lucky to be able to get to know wedding stationer

Mandy Bateman

Mandy runs Todaisy's in Worcester – here’s Mandy’s story

Mandy Bateman - The Proud owner of 'Todaisy's'

Lovely Mandy Bateman’s day can only start after two cups of tea – clearly a big help to her as she runs her multi award-winning wedding stationery business Todaisy’s!

We had a wonderful Q&A session with Mandy, here's what we asked her...

wowvow: Tell us a little about the journey you made to launching your business.

Mandy: I’ve always loved being creative – it all started with making invitations and cards for my children’s birthday parties. I’ve found it a great way to unwind and de-stress – it’s always wonderful to give people something that you have put thought and love into. Then I found myself at a devastating and extremely stressful time in my life. My eleven-year-old son Joshua died from a brain tumour. The time in between his death and his funeral left me literally wanting to create something just for him – a final present I guess. So I spent a week, all hours, creating and producing an Order of Service especially for him – it kept me going. I made 200 which everyone has kept as a memento of Josh.

A year later, my sister sadly died, also from cancer. Again, I just went into overdrive to create something beautiful for her. After the funeral, my aunt said to me ‘you’ve got something here!’ you should go into business. It was too early for me emotionally at that time, but I still kept creating. Then in 2014, I took the plunge! Todaisy’s Wedding Stationery was born! I saw that my creations not only gave me immense pleasure in the making; my customers loved them too! My first orders were for Christening Invitations for a friend and Wedding Stationery for my niece – since then, Todaisy’s has gone from strength to strength.

wowvow: What advice would you give to any stationery designers setting up?

Mandy: One of the biggest challenges I faced in setting up is confidence, will it work? Will people love what I do? I’ve always had total belief in myself and my products – looking back at myself now, I have grown in confidence, and I believe that shines through into my customer service. My advice to others going into business is to have that self-efficacy, believe in yourself and your product, do it because you love what you do and not because of finance – that really does help your authenticity shine.

wowvow: How do you differentiate yourself from other wedding suppliers?

Mandy: Todaisy’s stationery is bespoke; therefore together with couples, we can create something that is unique for them. I offer an end to end service which takes the stress out of the stationery element for the couples wedding plans.

Mandy works closely with her clients to create a complete invitation suite and all their wedding day stationery

An elegant pocketfold invitation with coordinating enclosures
Stylish vellum adds a contemporary twist to this lovely invitation
Diamantes and pearls add gorgeous detail and glitter fabric adds delicate softness

wowvow: What is your favourite craft tool?

Mandy: I love all of my craft tools! I think my favourite though is my glue gun (I have four now!) I think it’s because I use it to top off my creations with embellishments, including ribbons and diamantes. To sit back and look at a finished item critically is my favourite part.

wowvow: What's your favourite wowvow product

Mandy: My favourite Wowvow product? That’s really hard. I love the embellishments. I love all the ribbons and buy all my ribbons from you because they are such a fab quality. I’m totally in love with the champagne supernova glitter card and use it a lot. Right now, I’m a little obsessed with vellum!

wowvow: Why do you like to shop with wowvow?

Mandy: I love shopping at Wowvow because the products are such great quality. The website is easy to use and tells me when items are out of stock – a big must when you are running a business. I also love the speed of despatch and delivery – I’ve never been let down again, a big must for me as I cannot let down my couples. Then there’s the lovely Maoam sweet included in the package! My husband has realised this now, and hangs around while I open packages!

wowvow: What is your favourite wedding design trend at the moment?

Mandy: I’m totally in love with the laser cuts at the moment. I also love chopping them up and creating matching stationery out of them. I’m currently working on three weddings, and they are all laser cuts. I also love the vellum trend – it’s totally dreamy. It can add a touch of romance to such a simple design.

wowvow: Where do you take your inspiration from?

Mandy: I take my inspiration from the products – I look at them and think, how would this look if….. I’ve been known to get up at silly o’clock because I have an idea gnawing at me!

wowvow: Who is your design hero?

Mandy: My design hero is Marc Jacobs, Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo – I have a thing for gorgeous shoes!

Some more examples of the stunning stationery available at Todaisy's

This white glitter wallet looks stunning with deep navy ribbon and sparkling buckle
Marble card, vellum and wax seals, this collection is so contemporary and beautiful.
Watercolour detail and diaphanous organza add subtle, very pretty detail

wowvow: What else do you like to do when you're not designing or creating?

Mandy: I am extremely family orientated – I love spending time with my daughter and her family – I am blessed to have three grandchildren. My husband and I also ensure that we spend time together and we love our holidays and socialising.

wowvow: What is your proudest personal and/or professional accomplishment over the last year?

Mandy: My proudest moment is my fundraising – since losing Josh, I have held lots of events with the help of my wonderful family to raise money for Starlight children’s foundation – Josh had a wish of a lifetime granted just shortly before he died. Last year, I went all out to get closer to £1m raised so far. I raised £20k which means we are at around £980k so far.

wowvow: What do you imagine you'd be doing if you didn't have your business?

Mandy: If I didn’t have my business, I would still be creating in some way and definitely fundraising, trying to make a difference in some way.


wowvow: What is the best gift you've ever received?

Mandy: The best gift I’ve ever received – I would say, my two children and three grandchildren – they are all blessings.

wowvow: What are your pet hates?

Mandy: My pet hate is procrastination – do it today! Don’t put anything off. Procrastination is the thief of time!

wowvow: What was the last photograph you took with your phone?

Mandy: The last photo on my phone is pictures of my last order – I take pictures of all my work so I can show off on social media.

wowvow: What is your personal mantra?

Mandy: My personal mantra is ‘Do it! Your track record so far for getting through anything is 100%!’

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wowvow: How does your day start?...

Mandy: My day starts with 2 cups of tea – I can only function after the 2nd!

wowvow: What are you reading at the moment?

Mandy: I’m not reading a book at the moment – I’m literally working, watching TV and then bed! I do like playing scrabble online as it connects me to my sisters and family! You will catch me reading on my next holiday though!

wowvow: What are you currently watching on TV/Netflix?

Mandy: I often have the TV/Netflix on in the background while I’m working – the last thing I watched was Dirty John and Afterlife – both brilliant!

wowvow: What piece of your wardrobe best represents your style?

Mandy: I love wearing skinny jeans teamed with pretty off the shoulder/cold shoulder tops when I’m casual, but also love dresses for meeting customers and going out.

wowvow: Tell us something we don't already know about you?

Mandy: I’ve recently bought a Cricut maker and am playing around with vinyl to give me more versatility. I’m excited about the creations I can get up to with that! I love the challenge of playing and seeing how they turn out!

wowvow: What are you going to do next?

Mandy: What am I going to do next? This month is very busy with wedding invitations, but first I am about to pack for a short much-needed break to Barcelona with my husband. I am really looking forward to that!

Thank you mandy from us all at wowvow

Dear Mandy, thank you so very much for sharing your story with all of us at wowvow. You’re a true inspiration with such a fabulous outlook on life and we know our readers will take such a lot of positivity away with them. Your stationery is amazing and it’s obvious your customers are so lucky to be working with you at Todaisy’s.

P.S. We hope you had an amazing time in Barcelona!

At Todaisy's your stationery will be, tailored to you, beautifully finished and super stylish. The best bit? get to work with Mandy X