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Save the Date Card Tutorial

This tutorial is a step by step guide for how to make a calligraphy save the date card using our editable downloadable template. It’s perfect for anyone planning a modern wedding invitation suite for their wedding day.

A save the date card is a simple, quick and effective way of giving your guests advance notice of the wedding date so that they can keep it free.

Calligraphy Save the Date Template Printing

  • Use our free Save the Date template which you can download from our website. It’s an easy to use editable PDF template.
  • Add your names in the section provided
  • Add the date to the section provide.
  • Choose to print the panel on one of our precut cards or print one or two on a sheet of A4 card and then trim.


  • Save the Date Wedding Card, 105x 148.5mm approx.

  • Silk Ribbon: you will need about 35cm of the twine to be able to tie a suitable knot.


The font used for the body text is:

  • Script (unavailable)
  • Century Gothic (capitalised)
  • Use the same fonts if you have these available to you or substitute to a suitable font if necessary
Calligraphy Save the Date Card

Personalise this Design

Craft Materials You Might Need

Here are some of the items we used to make this wedding invitation. You can of course alter the colours and tweak the final design to suit your wedding theme.

Downloadable Save the Date Template

A6 Calligraphy style save the date card.
Downloadable Free Editable PDF Template

Silk Ribbon

Ivory Silk Ribbon
We used stunning mother of pearl silk ribbon

A4 Card and Paper

Tintoretto board stock
We used A4 Tintoretto Ceylon Cubeba and Tontoretto Gesso

C6 Wedding Envelopes

C6 Wedding Envelopes
QualityC6 wedding envelopes

Matching Wedding Invitation Template

Classic calligraphy wedding invitation.
Acoordinating wedding invitation template is available

Matching RSVP Card

A7 Calligraphy Style RSVP Card.
Make a matching RSVP Card

How to Assemble your Save the Date

Once you have the printed your save the date cards, you can start to assemble them. This is such an easy design to make.


  1. Take your save the date card top and run adhesive all around the edge on the reverse. You could use double-sided tape but we’ve used a liquid glue. Use a brush to get the adhesive as close to the edge as possible.
  2. Take the top and place on your coloured base (it only needs to be a little larger than the printed top. Press down and wait to dry.
  3. When dry trim the edge so that none of the base card is showing. You should be left with a double thickness postcard style save the date card.
  4. Cut a length of silk ribbon about 35cm in length and wrap around your save the date card.
  5.  Tie the two ends into a knot, make it tight enough that the tension holds the ribbon to the edges of the save the date card.
  6. If you struggle to tie the knot and keep the tension tight use some tweezer clamps so that you can use both hands to tie the knot.
  7. Your save the date cards are now ready to send to your guests.

Additional Extras

  • Add gems for a little sparkle
  • Choose a different colour or style of ribbon eg organza or satin ribbon
  • Use two colours of ribbon and knot them together
  • Use twine or strands of a narrow ribbon crossing over in the centre
  • Add a save the date magnet to the reverse to create save the date fridge magnets so that your guests can place them on their fridge
  • Use kraft card, twine and a kraft envelope for rustic wedding style
  • Replace the ribbon with vintage lace for a vintage wedding r
  • Make matching wedding invitations with RSVP cards (use our wedding invitation templates or wedding invitation wording guides)
  • Add the dress code to your save the date this will help your guests plan their outfit
  • Make a wedding table plan or seating plan in the same style

Tips and Tricks

This stylish save the date card design is a relatively cheap save the date to make, especially if you decide not to use the ribbon. Don’t forget our save the date templates are free to use.

If you haven’t decided on your wedding theme or colours then keep the colours neutral. You can then use the wedding colours on the wedding invitation itself.

There’s a host of DIY wedding ideas and more save the date ideas on our website. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and social media for lots more wedding stationery design tutorials.

Contact us on email, and we’ll get back to you with all the help and advice you require when making your wedding stationery.