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Large Rustic Verdigris Tin Churn

In stock

If you used this large rustic verdigris tin churn at a wedding for your flowers we are talking a huge and stunning display, perfect for a vintage wedding or a country garden themed wedding in place of the traditional ‘pedestal’ floral arrangement. If you are hoping for good weather but preparing for the worst use this fabulous (and very pretty) bucket (or churn !) to place umbrellas in for your guests to use.

The handle on the churns are lovely as the metal has been twisted, and the verdigris effect that covers the churns is effective and attractive. There is no doubt that these churns were made for flowers, try different sizes around your venue for soft and natural styling.

It’s ideal for styling and functional  but we would not recommend this if you need a ‘traditional’ bucket to carry large volumes of water as the handle might struggle to cope. We were undecided, by it’s shaping, if the large Rustic Verdigris Tin Churn is a bucket or a churn, either way it’s a bit of a showstopper !



The large rustic verdigris tin churn stands 31cm tall approximately, (excluding handle) and is 26cm in diameter. Sold individually.

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