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A4 Coloured Card & Craft Card For Wedding Invitations

The types of card stock, such as A4 coloured card, you choose for making your wedding invitations is such a personal choice. The type of board stock you select will be determined by things like the invitation design, print processes, the wedding colour theme and your ethos, for example, you may prefer to use a recycled card.

While there’s an array of different A4 coloured card the types fall into these main categories;

Paper and Card

The type of card stock you choose whether it’s A4 coloured card, card squares, matt or pearlescent card is part of the design process for your wedding invitations. Also choosing the right paper and card supplier uk is also important.

Pearlescent Card and Paper

This type of stock has a subtle sheen to the surface which can be on both sides (double-sided pearlescent card) or one single side with the reverse being a plain colour, most usually white.

One of the most frequent questions asked is ‘Can you print on pearlescent card?’ The answer is of course, yes, but the print quality might be quite as good as you’d hope.

In most cases, with a few exceptions, pearl card requires a laser printer or ‘toner-based’ print for a good quality print. Often with an inkjet printer, the ink bleeds into the surface, making the print look slightly blurry.

If you’re looking to print on card, then you will need to check your laser printer will take 300gsm card, this type of printer usually has a straight paper path.

It’s ideal for card making supplies, wedding cards and DIY wedding invitations as it has a luxury finish.

Lasercut wedding invitations in different colours and boardstocks.
Our beautiful lasercut wedding invitations are available in pearlescent and matt boardstocks

Matt Card and Paper

Sometimes referred to as ‘plain card’ this type of card has no sheen and can be either smooth to touch or have a textured surface. The natural textured finish is as a result of the papermaking itself.

With a wide colour range, this type of card is popular for blank wedding invitations, and hand made cards.

While it’s more likely you will achieve a good print result with an inkjet printer; it’s always wise to do a test print as the ink can look fuzzy if the stock is very absorbent.

Beautiful matt Colorset cardstock is perfect for contemporary wedding invitations.
Plain matt card is perfect for contemporary wedding invitations

Decorative Card

Decorative card usually adds colour, pattern and sparkle to your design. Choose from glitter card, patterned card stocks with embossing, highly reflective mirror card and much more.

Glitter Card

The most common types of glitter card and paper are created by coating a plain craft card with glitter on one side. The critical thing to look out for with glitter card and paper is that its low shedding or ‘no shed’.

No glitter card will be completely non-shedding, if you cut it with a paper trimmer little flakes of glitter will fall, and in the conversion of the big sheets the cut edges will always have a few glitter particles, but it is quite minimal.

Most of us love some glitz and sparkle, and glitter card is ideal for Christmas card crafts, glitter Christmas cards and luxury glitter wedding invitations.

We have many colours available from gold glitter card, silver glitter card through to rose gold glitter card and we’re the only retailer to supply glitter pocket wedding invitations from our Enfolio range.

We would not advise trying to print on glitter card; however, if you do want to print on a glittery surface, then there is a smooth glitter card available. This is made by adding a glitter film to a white base card, here the glitter is encapsulated, and it is possible to print with a toner-based printer.

Our final type of glitter card is ‘sparkle card’ where the glitter appears sprinkled over the surface. It is stunning and ideal for papercrafts, where you need a hint of sparkle. It’s to advisable to print on this type of card even though it may look printable.

Beautiful coral colour combination for making DIY wedding invitations.
Glitter card can be used on its own or with other stocks to add a hint of sparkle.

Recycled Card

There are several types of sustainable, recycled card stocks and it can be made from various items such as recycled coffee cups and waste from crushed citrus fruit, coffee, nuts, olives, kiwi and corn.

These card stocks tend to be very tactile with muted colours with a subtle fleck or grain. Some, though certainly not all, can vary in colour and this is something to bear in mind although for many this is part of the charm.

Eco-friendly Kraft card is one of our most popular stocks, and it’s ideal for rustic wedding invitations and is 100% recycled post-consumer waste.

Other recycled card stocks we have are Colorset which is Blue Angel certified. This is a German accreditation which sets high standards for environmentally friendly product designs and more sustainable consumption.

Often customers believe recycled card should be a cheaper option. Unfortunately, this is not the case as manufacturing and processing are usually more expensive.

As a recycled card is often more absorbent, it’s wise to conduct a test print to see if you’re happy with the results. We’d recommend using a toner-based laser printer.

A4 card stock for making DIY wedding invitations.
Beautiful recycled A4 card is ideal for those looking for eco-friendly wedding invitations

Mirror Card or 'Mirri' Card

Mirror card stock is highly reflective, almost so shiny you can see yourself! It’s created by adding film to a base white card.

It can be printed on using a laser printer, but we’d recommend checking the compatibility with your printer or trialling it first.

There are several types of mirror card with the one we supply being genuine ‘Mirri’ board. Available with a real reflective shiny finish like silver mirror card and a silk finish it’s ideal for craft projects, wedding stationery and making your own cards.

Mirror like A4 'Mirri' card is highly reflective.
Mirror like A4 'Mirri' card is highly reflective

Craft Paper

Paper was invented around 100 BC in China and created from plant fibres. Handmade paper and card are made in much the same way now. Pulp made from cellulose fibres and water is laid on screens, the water is then pressed out and the resulting paper sheet dried.

It’s very much a handmade process, and these papers have a beautiful, unique quality. Their natural flaws are adding to their appeal.

Paper for Crafts

Paper and card for making wedding invitations.
Handmade papers can add a unique element to your card making and papercrafts

Embossed Paper and Card

Embossing is a finish that’s applied to any sheet card stock to achieve a patterned finish. It’s usually done at the paper making stage where the paper is passed between embossing rollers that have the pattern engraved on their surface. Rather like a washing mangle, the pressure from the rollers applies the embossing pattern to the paper sheet.

Pretty pink and grey ribbon, card and paper for wedding invitations.
Embossed papers can be combined with other stocks
Snow White Silk embossed card
Embossed silk card
Aqua Mist Pebble Paper
Embossed handmade pebble paper in eau de nil

Vellum Paper

Originally vellum was made from stretched goat or calfskin and to date, the laws of the UK are still written or printed on traditional vellum.

However, we now refer to vellum paper as a translucent or semi-opaque paper allowing some light to pass through it. Tracing paper which is almost transparent or ‘see-through’ is extremely lightweight vellum with the higher the paperweight (or gsm), the more page or less translucent the paper will be.

Vellum paper can be printed on with both inkjet and laser printers although for inkjet printing you may find you need more drying time between printing the sheets as the print takes a longer time to dry. We’d always recommend testing your printer and your print settings to achieve the best results.

It’s a beautiful paper, perfect for card making, paper crafts and wedding invitations. Ideal for elegant wedding stationery it’s often used for vellum belly bands and vellum jackets or wraps so that the invitation is slightly obscured.

Vellum paper adds an air of luxury and mystery to your wedding invitation.
Vellum paper adds an air of luxury and mystery to your wedding invitation

Our Love for Paper

The more you work with paper and card, the more you appreciate its subtleties and variations.

Paper mills will keep a standard sheet for colour reference and, during the making samples will be compared to this.

As paper is a natural product with a directional grain, it is susceptible to temperature change and subtle variations that are within the accepted standard or tolerances. We must remember this when we compare paper batches or match it to a wedding or bridesmaid gown.

We love paper for all its variations, imperfections and subtleties.