Choosing the Right Wedding Invitation Envelopes

When you’re designing DIY wedding invitations it’s so exciting to consider lots of wedding ideas in your wedding planning. When planning your invites view all the card making supplies available, choose matching ribbons, find a suitable A4 card stock, will you choose pocketfolds or make laser cut invites? It’s all too easy to get carried away and design your dream wedding invite to discover that it doesn’t fit any of the envelopes you can buy.

If you’re faced with this situation you may well have to learn how to make an envelope out of a paper that coordinates with the invitation you’ve designed. To make an envelope for most wedding invitation designs will require a paper size that is larger than an A4 piece of paper. While it’s perfectly possible to make your own envelopes it can be a daunting prospect when you’re pressed for time or simply want to get your invitation out to your guests.

It is possible to have bespoke envelopes made but this can be incredibly costly and rarely available for orders of less than a few thousand. Envelopes are created using a die cutting process and it may be that the size you need isn’t available and the costs will spiral out of control, not ideal for your wedding DIY!

The solution to this when designing your wedding invitations is to consider the shape of the invitation you prefer and choose your envelope first from standard sizes and papers. Then you can get onto all the other exciting elements knowing that you have your wedding envelope sorted already.

We offer a wide variety of wedding envelopes to suit the board stocks that we offer. Our ‘ivory’ envelopes are made from 120gsm, high-quality paper stock, perfect for luxury wedding stationery and greeting cards and coordinate perfectly with our Silkweave Ivory card.

Our white envelopes, 130gsm, have a luxurious feeling of quality; smooth to touch they are a traditional choice of wedding envelope for stylish wedding stationery.

Here’s a summary of the types, shapes and styles of quality envelopes that we recommend :

Square Envelopes

155mm Square Envelopes

The most appropriate size for your wedding invitation is an envelope that is 155mm square. These are available as a standard size and are available in many colours and qualitites.

We offer several types of square wedding envelope, many of which match the A4 card and paper that we supply.

This size is perfect for pocketfold wedding invitations, laser cut pocketfolds and invites and our large square blank cards and flat postcard styles.

130mm Square Envelopes

Sometimes used for evening or reception invitations but more commonly used for ‘Save the Date’ cards and RSVP Cards or ‘response’ cards. This size easily sits well with the 155mm square envelopes.

155mm Square Envelopes

Our 155mm envleops are available in a wide variety of colours including a super quality white and ivory perfect for your main wedding invitation.

130mm Square Envelopes.

Smaller 130mm square envelopes are ideal for smaller invites like wedding reception invitations as well as ‘Save the Date’ cards and RSVP cards.

Portrait Envelopes

C5 Envelopes

These are often referred to as A5 envelopes or ‘A5 envelope size’ as they fit a sheet of A4 paper that is folded in half. They’re ideal for large flat, postcard style invitations and would fit order of service booklets too.

Unless you’re making a design that is heavily decorated or embellished then they can feel slightly too large for half of an A4 sheet or blank card so we also provide:

Small C5 Envelopes 152 x 216mm

Our ‘Small C5’ envelope provides the perfect fit for an A5 invitation. If you’ve chosen a flat-board style invitation or a creased A5 card design this is the best envelope to use.

DL Envelopes 110 x 220 mm

DL envelopes are most probably mostly recognised as ‘business envelopes’ as an A4 piece of paper folded into three fits neatly into one.

They’re ideal for DL wallets, DL pocketfold invitations and flat postcard style wedding stationery.

Classic Portrait Envelopes 133 X 184mm

This classic envelope suits the contemporary trend for portrait flat postcard wedding invitations. It’s also the perfect size for classic pocketfolds and invitations.

Portrait 125 x 175mm Envelopes

Our 125 x 175mm envelopes are perfect for luxury wedding stationery and greeting cards and are a truly multipurpose size. It’s an ideal envelope for pocketfold invites, evening invitations, party RSVP cards, ‘thank you’ cards and greeting cards.

C6 Envelopes

A popular size of envelopes that everyone recognises as a standard greeting card envelope. It’s ideal for a range of wedding invitations, party invitations and greeting cards.

C7 Envelopes 82 x 133mm

Our C7 is the perfect envelope for wedding or party RSVPs, ‘thank you’ cards, wedding escort cards or cute greeting cards. It will team up with any of the larger envelopes for these smaller enclsoures but is particularly ideal to pair with Classic 133 x 184mm, Small C5 envelopes and C6 envelopes.

C5 Envelopes

C5 will take a sheet of A4 folded in half so are perfect for presenting your Order of Service booklets .

Small C5 Envelopes

Small C5 are perfect when there’s less embellishment on your invite and you’re looking for a better fit.

DL Envelopes

Most recognised as business envelopes but ideal for DL wallets and pocketfold invites.

133 X 184mm Classic Envelopes

Our classic envelopes are perfect for postcard style wedding invitations and diy pocketfolds.

Portrait Envelopes 125 x 175mm

Our 125 x 175mm are ideal envelopes for DIY wedding invitations and handmade cards.

C6 Envelopes

C6 envelopes are multipurpose and very versatile. Use them for invites, RSVP cards and Save the Dates.

C7 Envelopes

C6 envelopes are such a cute size and are perfect for RSVP cards 

Envelope Extras

Envelope Wax Seals

Sealing your wedding envelope with a wax seal is on-trend in wedding stationery design.

Most glue gun waxes are flexible enough to be posted but if you’re hand delivering your invitations then it’s a beautiful additional extra.

Envelope Liners

Envelope liners are on-trend in wedding stationery design. They can coordinate with the wedding invitation itself but they also have the advantage of adding additional protection to the invitation inside.

It’s really easy to learn how to make your own envelope liners and you can then make them from a matching paper. We have a variety of options that you can choose from that are precut for you such as vellum envelope liners and rose gold glitter envelope liners which are incredibly popular.

If you’d like to line your envelopes then all you need to do is create an envelope liner template, this can be done from using thick grey card or f you have a spare envelope then from the envelope itself.

Handmade paper liners are best cut by hand because there can be so much variation between the papers.

Adding the liners to your envelopes is really easy to do as we demonstrate in the video tutorial below:

Glitter Envelope Liners.
Envelope liners add a touch of luxury to your wedding invitations

Wedding Invitation Boxes

If your wedding stationery is embellished you may find it is too large to fit in an envelope and that it would be protected better in an invitation box. We have boxes to replace 155mm square envelops and DL envelopes in both white and ivory to give maximum flexibility.

Whichever style of envelope you choose to use for your wedding stationery make sure that you’re careful with your initial planning and you can then look forward to your special day.

If you’re not posting your invitations then the boxes can be decorated too with ribbon and name tags. They make a beautiful invitation presentation.

Wedding Invitation Box
Wedding invitation boxes can be used for posting or decorated in their own right