Contemporary Vellum Wedding Invitation Tutorial and Recipe

This stunning postcard style wedding invitation is perfect for a contemporary elegant wedding invitation. In lovely white and grey, it creates a luxury wedding colour palette with sumptuous silk ribbon and a white wax seal adding a timeless quality for the perfect invitation for a modern couple.

If you haven’t assembled invitations before or require a more straightforward wedding invitation design, then you can adapt or omit some of the design elements to suit your special day.

We’ve printed our wedding invitation wording with white foil, but you could easily use black text if this option isn’t available to you. If you love the white foil, contact us for a quote for your printing.

Make your own wedding invitations and create this beautiful and personalised wedding invitation for your special day.

Wedding Invitation Printing

  • Use the free wedding invitation templates for this design which you can download from our website. Because of the font we’ve used, you can choose from an editable design or generic template for you to alter. If you would like your names written in the script font, then contact us.
  • Use the free downloadable template for your RSVP card and wedding information card if you need one.
  • Alter the text to suit the details for your big day. Equally, you can change the details to suit your occasion, for example, if you want to change the design to make an evening wedding invitation.
  • Choose to print the invitation panel on one of our precut cards or print one or two on a sheet of A3 card and then cut out.
  • Double Check: Spelling, grammar, layout, wedding date and time and wedding venue or location (always ask someone else to proofread too), you can never do this too many times, it’s so easy to miss something vital like forgetting any dress code information.


  • Wedding invitation, A5 148 x 210mm approx.
  • Vellum Wrap, A4 (an A4 Vellum sheet will only just fit). If you’d like the vellum sheet to overlap on the front of the invitation, then the vellum needs to be 300 x 210mm approx.), you can always ask us to cut this for you.
  • RSVP Card and Wedding Information Card, A6 105mm x 148mm approx. If you’d prefer your RSVP card to be slightly larger but still fit a C6 envelope then adjust the size to 108 x 155mm approx (remember that you won’t be able to print or cut 4 of these on an A4 sheet of card).
  • Silk Ribbon, we used 55cm of silk ribbon approx. For one invitation (you could make two invitations from 1m of ribbon, the ribbon ‘tails’ would be very slightly shorter).


The font used for the body text is:

  • Script (unavailable)
  • Century Gothic (capitalised)
  • Use the same fonts if you have these available to you or substitute to a suitable font if necessary

Craft Materials You Might Need

Here are some of the items we used to make this wedding invitation. You can of course alter the colours and tweak the final design to suit your wedding theme.

A5 Editable Postcard Wedding Invitation Template

A5 Editable Postcard Wedding Invitation Template
Downloadable Template for the A5 Postcard Invite

Silk Ribbon

Gargoyle grey silk ribbon.
Gorgeous silk ribbon available in many colours

A4 Card and Paper

A4 Card and Paper
We used A4 Colorset Flint with white foil printing


Small C5 Envelopes
We used a small C5 wedding envelope, perfect for this size invite

Wax Seal Stamp

Wax Seal Stamp and Wedding Wax Seal.
We have a beautiful selection of wax seal stamp designs

Glue Gun Sealing Wax

White glue gun sealing wax.
We used white sealing wax but we have other stunning colours

Additional Items You May Need

RSVP Card Template

A6 RSVP Card V1
An A6 Editable RSVP template for you to use

Wedding Information Template

A6 Postcard Editable Details Card Template
Make a matching wedding details card

C6 Wedding Envelopes

C6 Wedding Envelopes
Use a beautiful C6 wedding envelope

How to Assemble the Wedding Invitation

  1. Once you have the printed wedding invitation card elements you could easily send the wedding invitation just as it is, it’s beautiful!
  2. We duplexed our printed sheet, so the top of the invitation is a different colour to the reverse. We’ve shown how to do this in other tutorials so take a look but to do this you need to glue the invitation to your base sheet before trimming. Skip this step if it’s not required.
  3. For the vellum wrap then fold the vellum around your wedding invitation, you will need the side panels to be 74.5mm approx. You will need to be precise with the folding if you’re using a sheet of A4 vellum paper as it will only just fit. If you find this too tricky when making your initial sample, then adjust the invitation size to be slightly narrower, e.g. 145mm wide, make this adjustment to your invitation sheet size before embarking on making all of your invitations.
  4. One the vellum is in place you can take the silk ribbon and wrap around reasonably tightly. Place this on a flat surface as you are now ready to add your wax seal. There are two ways you can do this, in this design we’ve melted the sealing wax over the ribbon but if you prefer you can make your wax seals separately and glue then on top.
  5. Place a small square of baking parchment in between the ribbon and vellum paper.
  6. Melt your wax in a melting spoon or use our glue gun wax sticks in a hot glue gun and apply the melted wax over the section where the ribbon crosses.
  7. Take your wax seal stamp and apply firmly into the wax until the wax has cooled slightly when the wax is set then remove the wax seal stamp.
  8. Trim the silk ribbon if necessary, using sharp scissors.
  9. Place your RSVP card and wedding information card stacked on top of the invite or underneath below the vellum.
  10. Your beautiful vellum wrapped wedding invitation suite is now complete and ready to send to your guests.

Additional Extras

  • Add crystal gems to the names of the couple of the invitation for a touch of sparkle.
  • Why not make matching wax seals for your wedding envelopes

Personalise this Design

  • Choose a different shade of silk ribbon
  • Use your own hand-dyed silk ribbon
  • Choose a different wedding ribbon such as satin, organza or grosgrain
  • Alter the wording to suit an evening wedding invite
  • Make matching Save the Date cards in an A6 size
  • Completely alter the design for a rustic wedding by adapting the design and use kraft card with twine
  • Make wedding place cards in the same board stock as your handmade wedding invitations
  • Create a simple coordinating table plan or seating plan in the same board stock using our wedding table plan template

Tips and Tricks

Making your own wedding stationery is very rewarding and ideal if you’re on a tight budget and need a cheap wedding invitation design. Make sure that you organise everything at the start of your wedding planning so that it’s not all left until the last minute when you have other time pressures.

You do not need to buy a wax seal kit to make your stationery; we have glue gun sealing wax and stunning wax stamps ready so that you can purchase just what you need what you need for your stationery.

For more DIY wedding ideas for your big day and a host of DIY wedding invitation ideas, then follow our YouTube channel and social media for all the advice you need.

Contact us on email, and we’ll get back to you with all the help and advice you require, w have many years experience and are more than happy to share it.