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Dolly Pegs

In stock

These adorable wooden dolly pegs (also know as dolly pins) are fabulous for all sorts of projects. We've seen cakes decorated with mini 'Brides and Grooms' made from the dolly pegs, dolly pegs bundled with ribbon ties as favour gifts and also seen them used for a DIY Table Plan (just write the name or number of your table list along the peg and peg onto bunting for a really quick DIY table plan).

Of course they can be used for so many more non wedding associated crafting projects such as making your own Christmas decorations and they're just lovely to 'possess'.

Of course if this all seems too much like hard work they're great for pegging out the washing too !



Each pack of dolly pegs contains 12 pegs and each peg is 9.5cm tall and 1.5cm in diameter (approx).

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