DIY Wax Seal Wedding Invitations

Traditional wax letter seals have an elegance that’s perfect for wedding stationery, especially wedding invitations.

A personalised wax seal is as unique as the person who creates it, and it can be used as part of the wedding stationery design or as a wax envelope seal as in past times. They can transform your wedding invitations and are easy to make yourself.

You can have a personalised wax seal stamp made for you, using your initials to create a monogram, and this will make your wedding invitations truly personal. Alternatively, choose from an extensive range of our beautiful wax seal stamps specially designed for wedding invitations.

Our engraved wax seal stamps have tactile, turned wooden handles with deeply engraved brass and can be used over and over again as well as an envelope wax seal stamp. You can embellish your correspondence cards, greeting cards and letters for years to come and they make fabulous heirlooms.

Our carefully designed imagery is perfect for wax seals for wedding invitations, but some couples choose to design their monogram and have this engraved into their wax seal stamp.

Whichever you choose using one of our wedding wax seal stamps and our UK made flexible sealing wax you can make your wedding invitations effortlessly without the need for a wax seal kit.

Our glue gun sealing wax is available in a vast array of colours and is made in time-honoured tradition in the UK. The wax, made using a secret recipe, is more flexible than the brittle wax of years gone by so that it can withstand the rigours of the post. The colours are mixed by hand in small batches and cast in a mould, so there are often slight shade variations between the colours.

Making your own rose gold wedding invitations.
A wax seal can add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding invitation.

How to Make a Wax Seal

You can easily make a homemade wax seal using a custom wax seal stamp and our gorgeous sealing wax sticks. You don’t need to waste a seal or any wax. Should you not be happy with the result you can always remelt the wax in a melting spoon over a flame and use it again just like using wax beads. However, most people love the natural authentic; aesthetic the seals create with their shape variations and little imperfections.

Our glue gun wax seal sticks are made for use in a glue gun. We’ve tested lots of different glue guns, but if you can use one that has a dual temperature or a low-temperature setting, then these are the most effective (ideally 105 to 110° C). If the wax is too hot, it tends to bubble and its more tricky to achieve a good impression from the wax stamp. However, all you need to do is let it cool a little before making the impression, and you will achieve a good seal. Always take care when using the melted wax; it is scalding.

The benefit of using a glue gun rather than sealing wax with a wick is being able to generate clean wax for your seal as often the wick creates soot which discolours or contaminates the wax.

To make your wedding invitation wax seal once the glue gun is up to temperature, dispense enough melted wax to make your seal (usually around the diameter of a £1 coin for a 25mm wax seal stamp). Take your stamp and in one single, firm movement apply it into the wax. Once the wax has cooled, you can remove the stamp and admire your finished seal.

If you like a seal with an irregular edge, then you can almost ‘draw the shape’ with the wax first and fill in the centre. If you prefer a more rounded shape, then squeeze the wax into an imagined ‘centre’ creating a little pool of domed wax.

Making wedding invitation wax seals.
Our beautiful sealing wax comes in a wide variety of stunning colours.

To create a wax seal directly onto a belly band or ribbon tie the place a small piece of parchment paper or tin foil behind the ribbon, on top of the paper. This will protect the invitation and can be removed once the wax seal is made.

Traditionally the seals would be made directly onto the stationery or envelope itself. Still, if you’re making lots of seals and want to avoid dripping wax onto your wedding invitations in the wrong place, then they can be made separately. The best way to do this is on a silicone sheet or kitchen baking paper.

The brass head on the wax stamp can warm up quite quickly so to avoid this it can be cooled on an ice pack in between seals (just be aware that this can create ice like patterns within the finished seal itself, so it’s a delicate balance to avoid this). Drying your wax stamp before using helps to prevent this too.

Using a glue gun is convenient, but it can be tricky to clean afterwards. Professional wedding stationers tend to use one glue gun per wax colour to speed up the process and switch between colours easily.

You can even create your wax colour blend by mixing two colours; this is best done using a melting spoon

How to Use A Wax Seal

Once you have your wax seals, you can glue them in place onto your wedding invitations with hot melt glue or strong adhesive tape. Ready-made self-adhesive wax seals are made in the same way.

Of course, you can always add little additions into your finished seal like a flower sprig, a sprinkling of glitter or a flake of gold leaf to make them truly personal. You need to do this as you’re making the seals and before the molten wax cools.

How Many Seals Can I Make from A Sealing Wax Stick?

How many wax seals you can make depends on the size of your finished wax seal and the size of the sealing wax stick you are using. To make a 25mm diameter wax seal then our 8mm wide sticks will produce approximately five seals and our 11mm sticks will make 8-9 wax seals.

Wax Seal Colours

Red wax seals have been used traditionally in letter writing and correspondence but with a beautiful array of sealing wax to choose from it’s easy to select a colour for your wedding stationery. Gold sealing wax for gold wax seals are hugely popular as well as silver sealing wax to create silver wax seals along with rose gold wax seals and ivory wax letter seals. There is no need to be restricted with a wax seal stamp kit by mixing and matching our custom wax seals and stunning wax colours you can choose something that matches your big day perfectly.

We have a selction of wax colours with a pearl finish and some with a matt finish, both are beautiful but allow you even more choice when matching to your wedding theme.

Rose Gold Wax Seals and Ribbon
Our beautiful sealing wax comes in a wide variety of stunning colours.

Fuchsia Pink Sealing Wax

Fuchsia pink glue gun sealing wax is ideal for those who have a pink wedding theme.

Champagne Sealing Wax

Neutral colours like our champagne sealing wax are popular for wedding stationery and are versatile.

Turquoise Sealing Wax

Our turquoise sealing wax has a matt finish and is ideal for anyone with a turquoise wedding theme.

Rose Gold Sealing Wax

Pretty rose gold sealing wax adds a real elegance to your wedding invitations.

Silver Sealing Wax

Silver glue gun sealing wax is one of the most popular shades, traditional with contemporary twist.

Gold Sealing Wax

Gold sealing wax is beautiful and luxurious. Perefct for those who have gold within their wedding theme.

Bespoke Wax Seal Stamps

Some couples like to have a monogram designed for them for their wedding invitations or require something that’s totally individual. If this is the case then get in touch and we can arrange for a custom wax seal stamp to be made for you.

Wedding Stationery for Clients
Some couples would like a bespoke wax seal stamp.