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DIY Wedding Stationery & How to Make Yours Unique

Personalised Wedding Invitations

For some couples, planning your wedding stationery is almost as exciting as getting married! The opportunity to create stunning, personalised DIY wedding invitations has never been greater. You don’t need to be a crafting expert or a designer by trade, all the help you want or need is out there waiting to be discovered. You can save a lot of money and have a lot of fun!

If you want to make your invitations, but fear it will be hard or they will look amateurish, have faith and don’t worry! Talk to people who’ve been in the same situation and listen to their advice. Join forums and chat online about how to get started, read wedding blogs on the subject, like this one!

You can get so much inspiration from searching online, Google and Pinterest, for example, also wedding magazines and wedding fairs and shows. Explore these first, and you’ll begin to recognise styles and designs that keep catching your eye.

Wedding Invitation Ideas

Planning your wedding stationery is an exciting time! You can create your own stunning, personalised DIY wedding invitations that are unique and special to you. You don’t need to be a crafting expert or a designer to learn how to make wedding invitations, all the help you want or need is out there waiting to be discovered. You can save a lot of money and have a lot of fun at the same time!

If you want to design your own wedding invitations but fear it will be too difficult or the results will look amateurish, have faith, don’t worry, we have all the advice and guidance you need. Make your own unique wedding invitations and make sure that they’re truly unique.

Firstly gather your wedding inspiration online and from wedding magazines, wedding fairs and shows. Explore and look at wedding invitation examples to formulate the ideas for the style of stationery that will suit you best.

There are many styles of wedding stationery from elegant calligraphy style invites and sparkling glittery embellished stationery to intricate laser cuts. Once you’ve found the style you like collate all your ideas together and produce a sample wedding invitation, it will save you a lot of time later, and you’ll iron out any niggles at this stage. Investing time in the planning stage will pay dividends when you come to make your invitations. Always test your design out before buying everything you need, so you feel confident about making your invitations. Don’t be afraid to change your idea at this stage, that what practice runs are for!

Including an RSVP card with your invite will help your guests reply.
Make DIY wedding invitations unique and special to you

Custom Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitation Kits

The beauty of a stationery kit is that everything is planned for you so if you’re not confident in designing the invitation yourself, it takes away this worry. There are many wedding stationery kits to choose from, and they can be a quick and economical way to make your own stationery.

Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

Pocket cards, pocket folds and wallets are ideal for anyone new to crafting as they’re really easy to put together. The wedding invitation along with all the other items like details, information and the RSVP card is simply added inside, and the outer can be simple or elaborately decorated.

Lasercut Wedding Invitations

Laser cuts are decorative in their own right so they can be left just as they are if you’re pressed for time, or you can add ribbon, belly bands and embellishments to make them completely unique to you. They come in a wallet, pocketfold and gatefold styles so are super easy!

Flat ‘Postcard Style’ Invitations

Perhaps the most simple of wedding invitations to create. This style depends mainly on the graphics or typography of the invite design or in the case of floral wedding invitations the imagery. This style of stationery can be simply printed or gathered with ribbon ties or even embellished.

For a simple wedding invitation then a printed card and quality envelope is beautiful. There are some fabulous free fonts that you can download, including script and calligraphic styles.

For a simple, printed card, choose a nice quality card, it might be coloured or slightly textured. Heavily embossed board stocks look fabulous, but you may not get a crisp print so think ‘less is more’ when printing. You can always mount a printed card onto a larger piece of embossed card to give a decorative border. A good rule of thumb is to use cardstock that is, ideally, 250-300gsm. A good supplier will show the ‘weight’ of the card stock.

Handmade Wedding Invitations

If you’re making your own invitations, then they’re handmade, so we include all style of stationery in this category!

Wedding Stationery

What to Include in Your Wedding Invitation

The critical things to get right in your wedding card design is the wording of the invitation (make sure the date and time are included) and who’s invited, essentially everything else is there to aid in the planning (for example the RSVP card helps your guests to respond easily).

Including an RSVP card helps your guests to respond easily.
Including an RSVP card helps your guests to respond easily

Wedding Invitation Wording

One of the most popular questions we’re asked is ‘how to word wedding invitations’, ‘ what to write on wedding invitations?’ or ‘what to put on wedding invitations?’

Whether you’re looking for traditional wedding invitation wording or informal wedding invitation wording, you can easily determine the type of wording you need by consulting our wedding invitation wording templates and our dedicated page.

This covers all the major topics such as evening wedding invitation wording and gift wording which can be a delicate issue.

Getting your wedding invitation wording right is crucial.
Getting your wedding invitation wording right is crucial

Tips and Tricks for DIY Wedding Invitations

Printing Your DIY Invitations

If you have a desktop printer, you can print your own invitations. Always run some test sheets through your printer to check that you’re happy with the quality of the print. Most pearlescent stocks are best printed using a laser printer which fuses toner onto the sheet. If your planning to use a card, for example, 300gsm then check that your printer will print on this first.

If not, a high street or online printer will be able to print and cut inserts or printed mounts for you; most commercial printers will want to print on a sheet that is SRA3 in size.

Elegant Wedding Invitations

Simple Elegant wedding invitations with silk ribbon.
Elegant wedding invitations with silk ribbon
  • If you make elegant wedding invitations, don’t forget your day stationery. If the style and theme of stationery remain the same, you’ll probably want your day stationery to suit the venue as well so imagine wax seals with vellum for a wedding at a castle or floral themes and pretty twine at a garden party reception.
  • If you have a colour theme in mind, then you can use this as your starting point and develop your wedding invitation ideas from this.
  • You can make invitations with very few products and tools so, if crafting hasn’t been a hobby before, don’t be put off. Don’t be afraid to phone wedding craft suppliers for advice, wowvow has great customer service, product knowledge and years of experience.
  • By purchasing all your supplies together, it will save multiple postage costs and time. Wowvow specialises in wedding crafting, supplying all the A4 card, paper, ribbon, envelopes and embellishments you will need as well as the tools!
  • While we’re talking about invitations sending ‘Save the Date’ or ‘Save the Day’ cards to your guests is a thoughtful idea. If your ‘big day’ is in the middle of the summer or around Christmas and the New Year, announcing your wedding date well in advance will allow guests to plan holidays around your special day.
  • A ‘Save the Date’ card will also be the perfect opportunity to make your first DIY stationery and will give you confidence. Traditionally a ‘Save the Date’ card will be a smaller flat card in an envelope, but you might decide to get printed magnets, scratch and reveal cards, all sorts of fun ideas! If you want to keep it simple and cost-effective, then a simple print with the promise of an invitation to follow is all it needs to be.
  • When making your invitations always ‘start with the envelope’. The envelope is probably the last thing you think about but, if your carefully made invitations don’t fit a standard envelope, it can be a real problem as bespoke sizes are very expensive.
  • Standard envelopes sizes are 130mm square, 155mm square, DL and a classic 5 x 7” envelope, design your invitation to fit one of these sizes, and you won’t have any problems.
  • The envelope cand become part of the design by adding an envelope liner. If you’re using glitter card in the design, then why not add a matching glitter envelope liner? You can use pre-cut liners, or make them yourself using a template. Decorative patterned A4 papers like pebble paper or floral prints look fabulous too.

Adding Special Touches

When it comes to decorating your invitations, there are lots of ‘how-to’ guides and videos to help you online. Make your own wax seals or learn to tie the perfect bow for your invitations. If you like a bit of sparkle, you can add beautiful diamante, pearl or diamante and pearl embellishments. These can be attached with ease with a suitable glue, like Gem-tac, or a hot glue gun for larger embellishments.

Intricate lasercut wedding invitations.
Baroque pocketfold lasercut wedding invitations with crystal diamantes for that special finishing touch

Making Your Invitations

Invite your family members or friends to get involved! Set up a production line, so each person has a single job to repeat.

If you’re making your invitations on your own follow this principle too. Write down each stage, make sure it all works and you’ve got the order correct then create a production line. You can concentrate on one stage at a time rather than go through several stages and different tools or materials with each, individual invitation.

The more organised you are, the easier it will be to make your own DIY stationery and you, plus any of your helpers, can enjoy a great, exciting shared experience.

Enjoy browsing our wowvow website for all the latest products as well as the essentials we know you love. Our blogs will keep you updated with all the exciting things going on at wowvow as well as the hot topics we want to discuss!