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XTrim 13 inch Rotary Trimmer

In stock

The X Trim 13' Rotary Trimmer from 'X Cut' is ideal for making wedding invitations, card making, trimming photos, scrapbooking, paper crafts and it's ideal for home and office use.

The paper trimmer cuts paper and light cardstock with precision and comes with 4 blades (two straight, one wavy and one perforated).

There are extendable rulers that fold beneath the trimmer to make cutting 'wider sheets' easier and it will cut papers up to 12' x 12'.

When you're looking for a professional finish then this trimmer is ideal !



For trimming and cutting paper paper trimmers are accurate and very quick. If you have a lot of stationery to make then a paper trimmer can really help speed up the process. With integrated rulers and guarded blades they're a must for professional wedding stationers and those making lots of stationery.

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