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Whilst we already have departments celebrating our fabulous Enfolio collections of creased cards, cardstock, paperstock, wallets, pocketfolds and pocket cards (brilliant for the DIY bride!) we had to have a separate department for all things glitter! These Glitter Enfolios are perfect for providing instant drama and sparkle and come in lots of sizes. Large Square (147mm x 147mm), in the pocketfolds, pocketcards and wallets, Small Square (125mm x 125mm) in the wallets, DL (100mm x 210mm) in the pocketfolds and wallets and Mini (75mm x 100mm) in the wallets. Dont forget our brilliant 'Add-on pockets' which allow you to add isolated sparkle to any of our Large Square Creased cards (147mm x 147mm when folded) or, (when making flatboard invitations) to our pre-cut 147mm x 147mm card. Let your imagination go wild and create stunning, sparkly stationery at an amazing price.

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  • New Glitter Enfolios ® enter the fold

    New Glitter Enfolios ® enter the fold

    Our exclusive glitter enfolios ® are a recent addition to our range and many of our regulars have already started using them. They’re fabulously sparkly and require very little finishing to make the most wonderfully sparkly wedding invitations. It rea ...