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Measuring 56mm x 89mm when folded our place cards match with the whole Enfolio family of boardstocks so your wedding stationery suite is coordinated down to the smallest detail. The place card has to be one of the most user friendly means of organising the seating of your guests. No too fiddly, no tucking, tying or attaching to do, just position the place cards on the table with care and precision - job done! Of course you can use the place card to introduce more drama, sparkle or colour to your table settings and wedding theme or they can be simply and beautifully presented with just the guest's name. Script fonts look lovely, hand-written calligraphy is so skillfull and unique and classic capitalised fonts are stylish and understated, you really can't go wrong! Do remember though not to choose too 'swirly' a font that might be misread or difficult to read and, do include surnames or surname initials just in case you've several guests all called Sue/Susan/Suzanna all known as Suzy!