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DL is a 'paper size' and is 100mm x 210mm; this pre-cut card is available in all our beautiful Enfolio boardstocks and it fits beautifully within a standard sized DL envelope (sized 110mm x 220mm). Often customers create 'flatboard' style wedding invitations by printing on our DL 'tops' (measuring 94mm x 204mm) and mounting them on top of this DL base to give a flattering, layered effect. Used in a 'portrait' format, DL cards are great for menus or Orders of the Day too! They will benefit from the addition of a DL 'top' in terms of strength but, especially for individual menus a single layer card positioned underneath napkins will work perfectly! To offer a contrast between creased card wedding day invitations why not give flatboard DL invitations for the evening celebrations.