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Moulage Métallique - Papillon

In stock

The Moulage Métallique Papillon is a lovely embellishment as you can see from our photograph. It measures 6cm x 4.5cm. We are charging a ridiculous 15p per embellishment because there is the tiniest fault in the embossing on one wing. We really don’t think it detracts from its beauty but cannot be sold as perfect. Our fabulous Moulage Métallique embellishments are a brilliant way to mix and match with other embellishments to get spectacular effects.

The Moulage Papillon is strong yet lightweight and thin, making layering of embellishments very easy. If you have a butterfly theme they are perfect and, with the edition of our tinier embellishments on the butterfly’s body you can create fabulous, sparkling combinations of designs on your wedding stationery. Any embellishment less than 1.5cm in diameter will be perfect to layer on this beautiful, decorative butterfly, in fact you can also layer smaller diamante butterflies (e.g. the Farfalla) over the top. You can really vary the size of embellishment to create lovely effects.



The Moulage Papillon measures 6cm x 4.5cm approx.

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