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Double-Sided Tape and ATG Glue Guns

Adhesives For Speedy Card Making

Double-sided tape is a card making essential, but it can be fiddly with cutting, sticking and peeling of the backing tape. Double-sided finger lift tapes are more efficient and quicker to use (these are tapes where the removable backing is wider than the tape itself, so it’s easier to peel off).

Double-sided sticky tape is good value and ideal for most card making. However, if you’re making lots of cards for Christmas or DIY wedding invitations, then other tools can speed up the process. The first we’re looking at is the Scotch ATG 700 tape gun.

If you’re looking for a strong double-sided tape for your card making, then the adhesive transfer tape gun applies lengths of ATG tape easily and precisely just where it’s needed. The ATG 700 Adhesive Applicator Gun is a no-mess, on-demand, super robust and dry glue dispensed from a light-weight ‘gun’ with trigger action. While more of an investment we believe that it’s one of the best double sided tapes for card making and that the busy wedding stationer or crafter will never look back!

The ATG gun holder contains an ATG gun refill of ATG adhesive transfer tape. The instructions for loading the refill are inside the applicator.

There are different adhesive grades, but we find the 904 transfer tape is an excellent general-purpose adhesive which has 44m length on a roll.

Practice makes perfect so follow the instructions below using scrap card or paper until you’re ready to go!

Scotch ATG 700 Adeshive Gun

Speed up your card making with the ATG adhesive Gun. A must for professional wedding stationers.

Transfer Tape for the ATG Applicator Gun

 All purpose adhesive transfer tape, ideal for sticking paper and card. Quicker than double sided tape.

The Roller Glue Applicators

The application rollers that apply the adhesive glue to your card or paper.

How To Use an ATG Glue Gun

  1. Hold the handle and depress the trigger.
  2. Place the roller onto the card where you want to begin a strip of glue.
  3. Pull the roller towards you while pressing the trigger and pressing down gently, a 12mm wide ‘strip’ of super strong glue transfers to the card or paper.
  4. Once the ‘trigger’ is released, the roller will not move so will not dispense more glue.
  5. When you’ve practised you’ll be whizzing around corners too – stop dispensing and turn the card/paper as you go!

Alternatives To The 3M ATG Gun

An alternative tape glider is the Fantastak SuperRoller it’s ideal when making your DIY wedding stationery or if you run a wedding stationery business. It’s much lighter than the ATG gun at only 99 grams, yet it holds up to 75 metres of double-sided adhesive tape.

It’s easy to refill as it uses a refill cartridge so unlike the ATG gun you don’t have to load or thread the adhesive tape.

The SuperRoller has several grades or types of adhesive tape, and because it’s a cartridge, it’s easy to switch between them. There’s a removable adhesive, permanent (ideal for most paper and card) and permanent plus (good for harder to stick card stocks).

It’s ideal for those who do lots of card making and papercraft as you can work quickly and efficiently.

Fantastak SuperRoller Adhesive Applicator

The Fantasktak SuperRoller us lightweight and easy to use.

The Workings of the SuperRoller

Easy to load the SuperRoller takes adhesive cartridges

Double Sided Tape

For small jobs and where cost or budget is the primary concern simple double sided or Fingerlift tape is ideal.

Since the backing tape on Fingerlift tape is wider than the tape itself this is the quickest and easiest tape to use in arts and crafts and general card making.