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Wedding Guest Book Inspiration

Wedding Guests Books - A Special Keepsake

Wedding guest books allow your guests to sign their names and share their memories of your wedding day and to wish you both well for the future.
It’s not always possible for the happy couple or bride and groom to speak at length with wedding guests so it’s lovely for them to be able to read their guest book and see their guests’ messages of good will, congratulations on your wedding, amusing comments and great advice at a later date.

Make Your Own Wedding Guest Book

A stylish and contemporary guest book from East of India.. This could also be used as a planning notebook.

Guest Books for A Rustic Wedding

Pass on your love, wise words and congratulations to the happy couple on the big day, a lovely keepsake.

Calligraphy Guest Book

A pretty guest book ideal for many celebrations such as weddings and Christenings

A Wedding Guest Book Guide

Traditional guest book takes the form of a hard-backed book with blank pages made from quality paper. A wedding guest book pen is supplied and the book is passed round, often after the wedding breakfast, for guests to write their messages in it. Alternatively a table is placed in an accessible area with the book positioned on it. A notice will invite guests to leave their messages and kind words for the happy couple. The book would usually have ‘Guest Book’ simply printed on the cover or on the box.

Theme Your Guest Book

If you have a specific wedding theme you may wish to coordinate your wedding guest book and decorate it, or have it decorated accordingly. Some books available online will already suit your theme but, if not, consider making your own book for your guests or consider an alternative wedding guest book idea.There are a lot of plain guest books available that are perfect for making DIY and personalised guest books. If they are boxed within a quality box then it’s a nice idea to decorate the box as well. The box and lid can be left beside the book so, when the book is open and the front cover concealed, the decorated, and possibly personalised lid, will be visible.

A Wedding Guest Book to Personalise

A DIY guest book. Just theme to your wedding with a printed topper and embellishments.

The Perfect Glitter Guest Book for Weddings and Parties

Understated glamour! This gorgeous glitter guest book is ready for personalisation.

Wedding Themed Guest Book with Ivory Ribbons And Rose Detail.

Paper Rose Guest Book

Perfect for weddings this guest book is decorated with ivory satin ribbons and craft paper rose.

Personalise Your Guest Book

If you want to personalise a guest book you can print the details you want to include onto coordinating card. This topper is then attached to the cover of the book and further decorated if wished.

The details to include for personalised wedding guest book or engagement guest book are the words ‘Guest Book’, the date of the celebration and the names of the happy, newly wedded or engaged couple. For other celebrations the same applies but swap the couple’s names for the name of the event being staged.

Pick a pretty script font for the names and a capitalised font for the other details and, perhaps mount the topper onto another slightly larger piece of card to give an attractive, layered effect. The base card could pick out the chosen wedding colour theme or be a decorative card or paper with texture or pattern. Pebble paper, Mirri card or decorative, lustre card, sparkle card or glitter card is a lovely idea for the bottom layer.

Heirloom Guest Books

If you decorate the box it’s lovely to make an heirloom guest book with clusters of embellishments; perfect for a vintage themed wedding and a thoughtful and beautiful keepsake.

You will make a truly unique book and you can use little embellishments that are special to you. A treasured gem from a broken necklace, a special button or little charm. Every wedding detail is memorable but this would be such a personal gift for the happy couple as so much love goes into it.

Research antique Victorian picture frames and you’ll see the interesting frame shapes and clusters of decorative detail that can be recreated in the positioning of delicate embellishments, cameos and pretty bows. Transform the guest book into a stunning keepsake with script or calligraphy fonts, used for the text, and beautiful decoration and embellishments that are new or pre-loved.

DIY Vintage Style Guest Book With Lace And Embellishments

Heirloom Guest Book with Embellishments.

Create a vintage style heirloom guest book
with gems, bows and embellishments.

DIY Vintage Style Guest Book With Lace And Embellishments

Vintage Style Guest Book with Lace and Embellishments

A layered topper, lace strip, calligraphy font and embellishments make this a special guest book indeed.

Browse Our Stunning Diamante & Pearl Embellishments

Choose a mix of different embellishments and lace to decorate your heirloom guest book.

How To Add a Ribbon Page Marker To Your DIY Guest Book

Unusual Guest Books Ideas

There are some very unique wedding guest book ideas and wedding guest book alternatives to choose from! A wedding drop box provides little wooden hearts upon which guests sign their names or write short messages. The hearts are then dropped, one by one into a decorative frame that gradually fills up and can be displayed afterwards.

It can be difficult, on the spot to know what to write in a wedding guest book so a fingerprint tree is also a lovely, interactive idea. Guests press a finger into one of several ink pad colours and add their fingerprint, like a leaf, to the pre-printed tree. They then sign their name over their individual print and the framed picture can be displayed in the couple’s home afterwards.

Magic flyer butterflies are wonderful for drawing attention to a guest book by opening it with paper butterflies flying out.

Ask Your Guests To Each Sign A Little Wooden Heart

Wooden Hearts for Guests to Sign.

A great guest book alternative is a heart signing frame which traps the signed hearts to create a unique hanging display

A Fingerprint Tree Guest Book is Eye-catching And Fun!

A contemporary alternative to the traditional guest book. Just leave your fingerprint print and then sign your name on it!

A Heart Shaped Guest Book That You Fill With Magic Flyers.

This heart shaped book traps up to 20 pre-wound butterflies that fly out. Your guests then sign the book!

Have I Got To Have a Guest Book?

No not if you really don’y want one but, after the big day it’s lovely to have a visual reminder of a special occasion or wedding.
Guest books don’t tend to get displayed but, when you want to, you can bring them out, like photograph albums, and you’ll re-live your special day once again through all the lovely messages and signatures of your friends and relatives. 

Hessian Guest Book for Wedding Guests to Sign.
Take time out to sit with a coffee or cup of tea to look through your guest book. Happy memories at you fingertips when you want them

Need Help Or Guidance When It Comes To DIY Wedding Stationery?

Here at wowvow we have years of experience of DIY wedding stationery makes,
as well as creating stunning bespoke wedding stationery and we’re always here to help if you have any enquiries or need advice XXX