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How to Choose your Wedding Colour Scheme

The Perfect Wedding Colour Palette

Finding the perfect wedding colour palette or colour combination for your wedding is the key to much of your wedding planning so it’s important to do this as soon as you can. Wedding colour trends change from year to year but there are some favourites that never go out of style.

Look online for wedding colour scheme ideas and create a mood board or Pinterest board to gather your ideas. You will be guided not only by your favourite colours but often the style of the wedding, the time of year and the seasons.

For example, spring can provide your wedding scheme colour inspiration with either bright yellows or use pastel colour wedding ideas like pale pinks and whites of apple blossom. You can take your wedding colour inspiration from blousy summer flowers of every hue, the rich browns and golds for an autumn wedding colour palette or the icy whites and greys of winter.

Colour schemes for beach weddings can follow the golden yellow sands combined with the blues and greens of the oceans and garden colour schemes can incorporate the greens of foliage as a base teamed with your favourite flowers.

Inspiration can evolve from the venue itself if the venue has a colour detail that can’t be avoided. For example, if the Ceremony room has a mauve carpet you might want to avoid a colour clash and work this into your overall colour scheme for the day.

It’s also possible for the colour scheme to evolve through the day with the wedding reception colour scheme being a variation of the one for the wedding itself. For example, the colours may be slightly richer for the reception but still within the scheme itself.

Your colour palette can also be dictated by a place of birth, religion or country with Indian weddings providing the most vibrant, sumptuous colours. Colour schemes for Indian weddings can range from fuchsia and saffron, through black and gold to jewel colour palettes with topaz, jade, purple and magenta.

Most wedding colour schemes look at which three colours look best together. These colours can be complementary or contrasting and it can be a good idea to use a colour wheel as guidance.

These ideas on how to pick a colour scheme are not exhaustive but are perhaps the most popular methods for choosing a colour scheme. Once you have your scheme for example, a pastel wedding scheme it makes any further decisions much easier like a colour match for the wedding ties, bow ties, bridesmaids dresses and choosing your wedding flowers.

Pink Roses for a Spring Wedding

Bouquet of Pink Roses as Colour Inspiration

Pretty pinks are perfect for a spring or summer wedding colour scheme and are easy to team with other shades.

Versatile Neutral Colour Schemes

Champagne Chair Bows

Neutral colours like champagne, ivory, pearl and nude are  always popular wedding colors and are very versatile.

Most Wedding Schemes Use Three Colours

Summer Garden Wedding Colour Scheme

Most colour schemes consist of three colours. The main focus colour which is then enhanced with two others.

Matching Your Wedding Invitations to the Wedding Colour Theme

Once you have your scheme you can look at the wedding invitation ideas and designs. Whether you plan to have your wedding stationery made for you by a wedding stationer or you plan your own DIY wedding invitation ideas start by matching colours for the wedding and the style of the invitation. Most wedding stationers offer a colour match service and will advise you on all the available options for wedding invitation designs & ideas.

Digitally printed wedding stationery can often be colour matched to your theme and handmade wedding invitations, by their nature, can be made to your theme or scheme for the big day. Wedding colours can be incorporated into the design by using a specific ribbon colour, paper and card shade or envelope liner.

If you’re looking for specific colour matches Pantone guides can help.

Wedding stationery colour swatches.
Creating a colour palette will help you define your wedding colour scheme

Neutrals are very versatile and ivory and champagne is one that we love being luxurious yet romantic. With stunning champagne wedding dresses in the colour scheme, romantic ivory flowers and stationery with matching envelopes is a real head-turner. Handmade wedding invitation ideas can incorporate luxurious champagne coloured satin ribbons, champagne glitter card and glitter lined envelopes. Save the date cards can use the same materials as the wedding invitation card with the ‘on the day stationery’ also matching the theme.

Laercut wedding invitation with ribbona nd diamante embellishment.
Neutral wedding schemes are very versatile being both romantic and luxurious

When Making Your Own Wedding Invitations Make Sure That You Have Enough Craft Materials

Make sure that you have enough craft materials for making your wedding stationery.
Make sure that you purchase more craft supplies than you think you need, it will be more economical in the long run!

If you plan to DIY then when making your wedding invitations ensure you have enough materials before you start. Take into account that paper and card (especially those that are handmade) like wallpaper can vary in shade so make sure that you have enough. Likewise, make sure that you have enough for mistakes (sadly they do happen) and also plan ahead for ‘extra’ invitations. There may be guests that were mistakenly missed off your list or you may find that if someone can’t attend that you can invite someone else. Ordering enough plus spares is often more economical in the long run and secures all the materials that you need.

Most importantly enjoy your wedding planning, ultimately having sorted your colour palette will mean that all your decisions will be much easier.

Need Help Or Guidance When It Comes To DIY Wedding Stationery?

Here at wowvow we have years of experience of DIY wedding stationery makes,
as well as creating stunning bespoke wedding stationery and we’re always here to help if you have any enquiries or need advice XXX