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How to Become a Wedding Stationer

Brides who design their own DIY wedding invitations often, having enjoyed the design process, become a wedding stationer. It can be daunting becoming a small business owner. Here are some tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years.

Wedding Stationer - Products Services and Portfolio

When we started over 20 years ago, there were only a few who had set up as a online wedding stationer. Social media didn’t exist, and stationery design software was fundamental and expensive.

Now it’s easy to build a website and market on social media there are many more who are set up as an online wedding stationer, through their own website, Etsy or Facebook.

Wedding stationery trends fluctuate year on year, but it can help to focus your invitation business in one area. You might concentrate on calligraphy, handmade invites or price, i.e.’ high end’ or ‘cheaper’ invitations. Bespoke wedding invitations inevitably take more time, and it’s crucial to cost them correctly.

The designs themselves should reflect what you love. It’s hard going if you don’t like what you produce!

It’s essential to build a stationery design portfolio that showcases your work in the best way possible. The quality of the photography is critical, so polish your skills or enlist the services of a professional.

Wedding Stationery for Clients
Decide what types of wedding stationery services to offer

Wedding Stationer - Business Branding and Names

Small business branding should be cohesive across all your platforms to define your brand. Your brand identity should span your online presence so that you’re easily recognised. If you’re unsure, it’s worthwhile consulting an experienced graphic designer for logos and branding.

Deciding on a name for your wedding stationery business can be a fun process. Make sure the business name reflects the stationery you design, but most of all be creative with it.

Small business brand building
Brand building for a small business

Wedding Stationer - Equipment and Software

The amount of equipment, materials and the type of software will vary according to how you wish to run your business. If you plan to outsource your print, then you need very little other than design software and a computer. Hand-finished wedding invitations will require a larger workspace and some storage for materials. Do your research if you plan to print yourself and get the right digital printer.

Equipment and materials for making wedding invitations
Choose the equipment for your stationery business carefully

Selling Your Wedding Stationery

As there’s fierce competition amongst wedding businesses, it’s vital to build your brand through marketing. There’s lots of information for this freely available online, and it’s crucial to acquaint yourself with all the available channels.

Wedding fairs are invaluable for reaching clients. It’s also important to network with other local wedding suppliers. Team up with a local wedding venue to get listed on their supplier’s list. Ensure clients recommend you to friends and family as ‘word of mouth’ is the best marketing of all.

Ask your clients for reviews, listen to feedback and use it to develop your services. Deal with negative feedback professionally and use it as a positive for your business moving forward.

Wedding Invitation & Stationery Supplies

If you designed your own wedding invitations, then it’s likely you’ve already done a lot of DIY wedding stationery supplies research. Check online for suppliers that offer wholesale craft supplies or trade accounts as this can make a difference to your costs.

Most importantly choose your card making supplies and your supplier carefully. You will rely on your suppliers, so it’s critical to work with those that are reliable and trustworthy.

Equally, cheap wedding stationery supplies are not always the best.

Don’t ask other stationers for recommendations unless you know them well. It can take lots of hard work to find the best wedding stationery supplies.

Craft Materials fro Making Wedding Invitations
Wholesale craft supplies needed for wedding stationery

Craft Supplies and Managing Stock

If you’re a wedding stationer making handmade stationery, then managing your stock can be critical to your success.

Unless you’re making bespoke invitations then limit the materials you use to those that are readily available.

Paper and card can vary in shade as much of the process is done by hand including colours. Recycled Kraft card, in particular, is very variable and shades can vary considerably.

Imperfections in handmade papers are part of their charm so always highlight this to your customer.

Budget products don’t necessarily mean inferior but are often prone to more variation in shade.

Always buy more than you need. Clients have the habit of asking for ‘one more’, and if your supplier is OOS, you’ll run into difficulties.

Managing Wedding Stationery Stock
Managing materials and craft supplies is crtical to success

Dealing with Clients

Have a good, clearly written contract between your business and the client and take a deposit on booking. Specific issues regarding wedding stationery:

  • Make sure that the client proof-reads all text, especially the wedding invitation wording and names of the guests. Mistakes can be costly, and it’s vital to be clear who has responsibility
  • Ordering additional invites; Be open about this as costs can escalate after an initial print run if you outsource your print. For handmade invitations you may have used all your allocated stock and ordering additional supplies can incur a substantial additional fee. Worst-case scenario your supplier is now out of stock of the items you need. Factor in the cost of your time, as it’s a drain on time making a small number.
  • Ensure that it’s clear what your procedure is if a booking is cancelled or postponed.
Thank you wedding favours
Dealing effectively with clients is a crucial part of a wedding stationery business

Advantages and Disadvantages

Always allow more time than you think you need, especially in the beginning. Don’t expect substantial financial rewards, expect a lot of hard work and time commitment but oodles of job satisfaction.

Need Help Or Guidance When It Comes To DIY Wedding Stationery?

Here at wowvow we have years of experience of DIY wedding stationery makes,
as well as creating stunning bespoke wedding stationery and we’re always here to help if you have any enquiries or need advice XXX