How to Tie The Perfect Ribbon Bow

Make Your Own Ribbon Bows

One of our favourite things to do with ribbon is to make ribbon bows. Whether they’re Christmas tree bows, floral bows, hair bows, bows for gift-wrapping or wedding invitation bows, they can be fun to make.

There are several ways to make ribbon bows, and the finished effect will depend on the ribbon you choose and the way the bows are made.

Types of Ribbon For Bows

Overall the best ribbon to use for bows is a double-sided ribbon. Some ribbons have a contrasting pattern or colour on one side, and these can look pretty as well.

Wired ribbons give structure to the bow, and the shape will hold in place, if it gets squashed, it can easily be reshaped. Alternatively, the non-wired ribbon is far less structured.

Twisting Two Ribbons

If bows really aren’t for you a simple ribbon knot looks beautiful.  Here we’ve used satin and organza ribbon

Using Organza ribbon

Weddings invitations using organza ribbon

Organza ribbon bows are almost fairy tale like creating a soft beautiful, romantic effect.

Silk Ribbon Bows

Luxurious silk ribbon bows ooze sophistication on wedding invitations.

DIY Wedding Stationery Bows

There are several types of ribbon used for wedding invitations. The most popular of these are satin, organza and silk ribbons.

Usually, a length of ribbon is wrapped around the invitation and either knotted or tied into a bow in-situ. Most ribbons used in wedding stationery is 15mm or 25mm wide as this makes beautiful romantic and luxurious bows. Matching narrower ribbons can be used on smaller items of stationery such as save the dates and RSVP cards. Thin ribbon, usually 3mm wide, is ideal for little bows on wedding favours.

Bows are easy to make from a piece of ribbon, and there are mainly two types for wedding invites; a ‘Dior’ Bow and a traditional bow with loops. Traditional bows can be ready-made, made by hand or made with a bow maker.

How to Tie Bows Around Your Wedding Invitation

How To Tie A Bow With Ribbon

It’s essential to have sharp scissors for making clean cuts to your ribbon. Alternatively, the ribbon can be heat sealed with a flame or brushed with Fray check to stop fraying.

Here are some step by step guides to making ribbon bows.

Make your own Dior Ribbon Bows

How to Make Individual Ribbon Bows

How To Make A Bow With Thin Ribbon

Using a bow maker or a fork is a good way to make a bow with narrow or thin ribbon.

Using a bowmaker to make ribbon bows.
A bowmaker tool will help you to make perfect bows every time. For thin ribbon you can use a fork in exactly the same way.

How To Make A Bow With Wired Ribbon

Making bows from the wired ribbon is quick and easy to do. Here is a step by step guide:

  • Take a length of ribbon and fold the ribbon into a horizontal concertina with a loop on the right-hand side and the left-hand side
  • Pinch and gather the centre securing with a piece of wire
  • Twist the ribbon and shape the loops on each side
  • Bring the ribbon tails into shape
  • Create a centre loop from a small length of ribbon and glue into place

Ready-Made Bows and Ribbons

If you are struggling for time using pre-made bows is easy and quick. They’re ideal for decorating wedding stationery boxes and DIY wedding invitations and easily glued into place with a glue like Gem-Tac or a glue gun.

25mm Ribbon Bows

These luxurious wide ribbon bows are ideal for wedding stationery.

7mm Ribbon Bows

7mm ribbon bows which are ideal for placecards and wedding favours.

Diamante Bows

Sparkling diamante will add a sparkling finishing touch to wedding invites.

15mm Ribbon Bows

15mm ribbon bows are ideal for many items of stationery and wedding crafts.

Polka Dot Ribbon Bows

Pretty little polka dot bows add an element of fun to card making and wedding crafts.

How To Make A Bow For A Christmas Tree

Large Christmas tree bows and smaller bows are the finishing touches to a tree. Usually made from wired-ribbon the wire can be left longer to attach to the tree and the center loop omitted.

Red bows for Christmas trees are really popular and we love the wired random glitter ribbon from Berisfords although you can change the colour to suit your theme eg silver bows or gold bows.

How To Make A Christmas Tree Topper

Christmas tree bow toppers can be made from wide ribbon, 25mm or wider, for big bows or narrower ribbon for smaller bows to suit a smaller tree.

This method is also how to make a door bow.