Meet The Team

Need Guidance When It Comes To DIY Wedding Stationery?

Here at wowvow ® we have years of experience of DIY wedding stationery makes, as well as creating stunning bespoke wedding stationery and we’re always here to help if you have any enquiries or need advice.

One of our boasts is that we’ve made stationery for royalty not once but twice and we’ve notched up one or two awards as well. We’ve come across most things and like to feel that you can put your trust in us!


Alison is a true artist and designer, she’s spent many years painting fine details with very fine brushes.

Now she’s the one who watches all the finer detail here at wowvow.

She makes sure all those i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed—want something done….ask Alison!

Favourite phrase ‘I’ll write a list!

The Agent of Minutiae


Once upon a time Andrew loved just clay, yes mud to you and me and when he's allowed out, he still supplies clay to the biggest brickmakers in the UK!

Now he knows a lot about weddings too. Andrew loves data, charts and accounts - he adds things up, pays our bills on time and delights in statistics.

Favourite phrase
‘There’s an app for that…..’

The Visionary Strategist


Becky loves sheep – it was her 'sheepy' artwork that drew us in!

Becky designs greeting cards for us amongst other creative things...... she uses paint and pencils and ink and is really 'making her mark'!

Favourite phrase 'Fabulous!'

Artistic Alchemist


Carol 'never forgets' whether it’s birthdays or tasks to do.

She looks after all the 'girlies' and 'chaps' (when Tim’s away she sneaks in on the guillotine) and is adored by everyone!

Favourite phrase ‘How very dare they!’

The Maestro of Loveliness


Remembers lots of things and spins lots of plates, has far too many ideas and is rarely away from a PC.

A not so secret Kate Bush fan she can often be found chair bopping along to all sorts of tunes.

Favourite phrase ‘I’ll sort it!’

The Organiser of Random Thoughts 


Jo designs greeting cards and turns her hands to lots of other creative things we ask of her, she’s a complete whizz on a Mac.

She’s a ‘girls girl’ and wears pom poms on her shoes, we’re so very jealous!

Favourite phrase 'You're Joking!'

Creativity Conjurer


Mark manages all our lovely greeting cards, from catalogues through to production and dispatch.

If you play our greeting card game (yes it’s sad) and ask a design code he’ll know the design and sentiment as well. Amazing!

Favourite phrase ‘Pink, Adele or Beyonce……mmm?’

Champion of Greetings


We have quite large trugs to wheel our post around at The Clockhouse and you could fit at least two Margaret’s into each one of them.

Despite her small stature no postie or courier will get the better of her and she’s a demon picker packer.

Favourite phrase ‘Have you ticked it?’

Boxing Alchemist


Sam is Jo's twin sister. We do quite a few double takes!

She’s mummy to Maisie and Mollie and is a champion order organiser!

Favourite phrase 'Don't worry it happens all the time'

Packaging Superstar


Tim is the King of the Guillotine! He sorts paper and cuts it into all the right sizes - lots of it!

He’s a demon on our machinery and woe betide the paper merchants if they don’t pack the paper just right!

Favourite phrase ‘Really - Superb!!?’’

Guillotine Master