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Pocketfolds and Wallets

Square Pocket Folds and Card for Making Wedding Invitations

Our pocketfolds, including square pocket folds and wallets, enhance your wedding stationery and neatly hold all the essential details of your special day. These pockets ensure everything from RSVP cards to guest information is neatly organised and add sophistication to your wedding stationery suite.

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Making Square Pocketfolds and Choosing Card For Wedding Invitations

Our pocketfold invitations and wallets are ideal for crafting DIY wedding invitations. They've become a favourite choice for weddings because they conveniently organize essential items like the RSVP card and wedding details in one elegant package.

Plus, with a vast array of card for wedding invitations and sizes to choose from, you can mix and match to create a unique and cohesive look for your wedding invitations and the style of the wedding.  

Whether you're looking for green, yellow or pink and blue or another coloured card, we have a wide range to match your wedding theme.

Pocketfolds and Size

Our pocket folds come in a variety of coloured cards, sizes, and styles, including A5, A6, DL, and 5 x 7 formats. Select from our extensive range of card-making cards, from matt to pearlescent finishes.

The prescored tabs are designed for ease of use; they simply require folding and glueing into position. Once assembled, they conveniently hold all the essential details, including the wedding invitation itself, securely inside.

The pocketfold can be elegantly secured using a matching belly band or a vellum belly band or embellished with a wax seal for a luxurious finishing touch.

Square Pocketfold Invitations

Square pocketfolds come in various colours and sizes. The larger sizes allow more room for additional cards and information, while the smaller sizes are perfect for a simple and minimalist design or evening invitations.

Choosing Cards and Envelopes

When choosing the perfect envelopes for your wedding stationery, we have many colours and options, including the classic elegance of white, ivory, and cream envelopes, but also matching envelopes in the same colour and texture as the card blanks and pocketfolds. 

We also stock envelopes in a range of sizes, including square and rectangular options, to fit your chosen card blank. 

Card Blanks and On the Day Stationery

Team with matching card blanks to create coordinating wedding day stationery such as orders of service, menus, and place cards.

Crafting Supplies for All Occasions

Our card blanks are not limited to wedding invitations or greeting cards; they can be used for all card making and occasions! Whether birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions, our blank cards provide the perfect foundation for creating unique and personalised cards to delight your loved ones.

In addition to blank cards, we offer a variety of crafting supplies, such as embellishments and ribbons, to add to and enhance your cards. With our extensive range of products, the possibilities for crafting cards are endless. 

So why settle for generic cards when you can create something beautiful, handmade and meaningful with our card blanks? Start exploring, creating, and celebrating with our versatile and high-quality card blanks today!