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Wedding Ribbon for Craft and Wedding Invitations

Choosing the Right Type of Wedding Ribbon

Wedding ribbons, lace and trims are a very cost-effective and colourful way to decorate wedding invitations, decorating handmade cards, embellishing gifts, clothing and many craft projects.

There are many different types, but probably the most popular is satin and organza ribbon. Organza is widely used as it’s a sheer and delicate fabric so colours are less deep than with satins and it is very soft.

Satins can be either single and double-faced satin. Single-sided has a silky feel to one side and a less smooth side or ‘unfinished’ to the reverse, double-sided is silky smooth and the same on both sides.

For a rustic style wedding invitations use hemp cord, twine, hessian, hopsack, burlap or linen trims.

Silk for Luxury

Make DIY wedding invitations with sumptuous, gorgeous and luxurious silks in muted shades

Satins for Colour

Satins offer a massive colour range and with so many widths they’re ideal for making your wedding invitations

Organzas for Romance

Organzas are romantic, soft and etheral, simply perfect for romantic and fairytale wedding themes

Tying the Perfect Bow for Gifts, Wedding Cakes and Stationery

How to tie a bow with ribbon is one of the most popular questions we’re asked. Double-sided satin ribbon makes beautiful bows and is also an ideal wedding cake ribbon.

Here’s a tutorial for tying a classic bow;

Single-sided ribbons with the finish on one side can be more tricky to use for bows, but some bow making methods create a bow with just the shiny side showing. This is often seen with Christmas tree bows where two bow loops are secured with wire and then attached to the tree. This method of tying bows will also suit printed ribbons that have decoration on one side only.

This tutorial demonstrates how to make a beautiful double bow with a single-sided or a ribbon with the pattern on one side only which keeps the silky side or patterned side facing upwards.

Wire edged ribbon is particularly useful for large, statement bows for decorating Christmas trees with ribbon, gift wrapping, cakes or wedding cake decoration. You can bend the wire to shape the bow and the tails. Any wider trim could easily collapse and create a floppy bow, but wired trims will keep everything in shape.

The Best Place to Buy

Purchase from good haberdashery stores for reliable craft supplies. If it’s simply ribbons that you want to order online, it’s best to refine your search, for example; Christmas ribbon, personalised ribbon, blue-ribbon or red ribbon? If your search is too general, you may feel overwhelmed!

Patterned styles are a very pretty way to decorate gifts and can be tied with a knot for ease or a bow. At Christmas consider black watch tartan or other tartans and checks, teamed with brown paper, for a rustic festive feel for your gift wrapping. Tartans are especially good as they are woven, so the pattern is on both sides.

We’ve created various videos and tutorials on how to tie a bow. An online search for ‘how to make a bow with ribbon’ and there’s a wealth of tutorials and ideas for tying different types of bows.  

Here’s a video showing a really pretty way to decorate a wedding invitation.

Glitter satin

Add some sparkle with stunning glitter satins in sumptuous colours that coordinate with your big day

Tie Satin Bows

Stunning satins create beautiful bows and add colour and luxury to wedding invitations

Pre-tied Bows

If you’re pushed for time pre-tied bows save valuable time and are really easy to use with a suitable adhesive

How Much Do I Need For My Project and Budget?

Silk ribbon is high quality, luxurious and perfect for all types of wedding stationery or wrapping around a special gift. Hand-dyed raw silk takes on natural dyes beautifully; the colour blends are often muted and natural in tone.

Polyester ribbons are a cost-effective option with many colours available. They’re often used for wedding car ribbons and bows as they’re much more weather-resistant due to the synthetic fibres. They have more body so they make formed bows that will hold their shape well.

The most versatile wedding ribbon is satin, and it’s perfect for wedding stationery it creates beautiful bows and is available in a huge range of gorgeous colours and on ribbon reels. We stock Shindo and Berisfords ribbon 

Satin Ribbons are available in a variety of widths.
Satin Ribbons are available in a variety of widths

All You Need to Know About Printed Ribbons

Pull bows when pulled, creates a bundle of loops that you can pull into position make a pretty bow. These are widely used in the florist industry and are great for gift wrapping if you have a lot to wrap and are short on time.

For weddings or other special occasions, it’s possible to arrange a personalised printed ribbon, which is traditional wedding car decorations. Polyester and satins are ideal for this. It can be expensive or require a high minimum order, but recent advances in digital technology mean that it’s becoming a more affordable option.

Companies who print ribbon will also be able to supply bridal sashes, personalised trims and bespoke options for your hen do right through to the big day. You can often order in very small quantities and also buy foiled designs. Just be aware that you may be restricted by choice of fonts and designs available. It’s important to check though as new technology is making personalised trims more and more accessible.

Remember printed ribbon is one-sided so, if making bows, or decorating with it, choose the right method for using it and tying bows.

All The Colours of The Rainbow

Colour is a fantastic way to introduce colour to wedding stationery, wedding favours, card making or paper craft project. By keeping a neutral background, for example, white or ivory colour can be introduced with a big, hand-tied bow, a wrap, a ribbon belly band or a delicate 3mm ribbon that bundles your invitation together with all your enclosures, RSVP card, directions, accommodation suggestions, gift list etc.

Beautiful wedding stationery to make for your big day.
Silk ribbons can be used sparingly to great effect

'A Few of My Favourite Things'

Trims are so versatile from tying paper packed packages up with string to using an array of satins or organzas. Opening a beautiful gift, tying sumptuous of bows, Making Christmas tree bows and so much more,! Who knew fabric trims could have so many uses!

Christmas Gift Wrapping

Christmas Gift Wrapping.

Stunning gifts tied with red ribbon bows make a statement Christmas gift.

Narrow Fabrics

Narrow ribbons are ideal for wedding favours.

Natural Silk

The softest most beautiful ribbon for your luxury wedding stationery.