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Your guests have replied and sent their RSVP's back and now you just have to decide where you are going to seat everyone! It sounds fairly simple but table plans can end up being a bigger job than you originally imagined. One or two guests may have to, sadly, cancel, sometimes last minute, or they ask if they can change their 'plus one' (awkward!) On other occasions you realise person 'A' has had a massive falling out with person 'B' or person 'C' needs to sit near the front/near the door/at the back. Without anyone meaning to cause disruption that's exactly what can happen! If you are not under the guiding hand of a stationer who's job it is to deal with any changes it can be a stressful time for the DIY happy couple! We think, if you're going down the DIY table plan route you need to keep it simple!. Treat each table as a single entity so, when changes occur you just have to re-print or re-write the affected tables. No dismantling and re-assembly of large frames or 'stuck-down' layered plans for you! Have a look at the products in this DIY table plan department and read our suggestions on how to make a beautiful table plan on a budget with the potential for speedy, last minute changes! The chalkboards can be updated/changed really easily and, as with many of the products in this department, like the hooks, they make lovely and practical decorative accessories for the home