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Shapes Sample Pack 04

In stock

Our shapes sample pack, 04, includes various shaped flat cards such as arches, pebbles and crystals to help design your wedding invitations. With a variety of designs to choose from, you will be able to create wedding invitation designs that are both unique and stylish.

Whether you are a professional wedding stationer or looking to make your wedding invitations, the samples will help you with your designs.

All the samples are in Callisto Pearl, a beautiful matt ivory 300gsm card stock.

You can, of course, choose the appropriate board stock for your stationery once you have chosen your design.

To help choose the correct board stock why not browse our card swatch sample packs which are available for all the card stocks we offer. From matt, and pearlescent to recycled, we have a wide range of stocks to choose from.

If you need any help with your wedding invitation designs or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be more than happy to help you create the perfect wedding invitations.



This set contains a sample of the following pocketfolds and wallets:

  • DL-Flat-Half-Arch
  • DL-Flat-Arch
  • DL-Flat-Double-Arch
  • A6-Flat-Double-Arch
  • A5-Flat-Double-Arch
  • 5x7-Flat-Double-Arch
  • A6-Flat-Bracket
  • A6-Flat-Half-Arch
  • A6-Flat-Arch
  • A5-Flat-Half-Arch
  • A5-Flat-Bracket
  • A5-Flat-Arch
  • 5x7-Flat-Half-Arch
  • 5x7-Flat-Bracket
  • 5x7-Flat-Arch
  • A7-PEB
  • 125-PEB
  • 147-PEB
  • DL-PEB
  • A5-PEB
  • 5x7-PEB
  • A6-PEB
  • A7-CRYS
  • 125-CRYS
  • 147-CRYS
  • A5-CRYS
  • 5x7-CRYS
  • A6-CRYS

Please note that as further designs are added to the range there may be related samples in later sample packs.


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