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Tips and Techniques

DIY Wedding Stationery Tips and Techniques
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    DIY Wedding Stationery Tool Tips

    All the tool tips you need and tools needed to help you with making your own wedding stationery.

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    A good ruler is a must. Measure, measure and measure again!

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    Good sharp scissors (especially for cutting ribbon). If you can keep two pairs – one for ribbon and lace and one for paper and card.

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    Gem-Tac (simply the best for attaching embellishments). A good alternative is a glue gun but you have to be quite quick before the glue cools!

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    Paper Trimmer

    A good paper trimmer (will save you oodles of time) and gives a much better result than scissors ( a cheaper alternative is a knife and ruler).

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    Tape Runner

    A tape runner (quick fixes), an ATG applicator and tape (worth the investment if you’re making lots of stationery) a cost effective alternative is double sided tape (remember you have to trim to length and then peel off the backing so it does take longer).


Start with the envelope!

Our mantra has always been ‘start with the envelope’! If you design a beautiful wedding invitation, make them all and then try to source an envelope it can be heartbreaking to realise that you can’t find an envelopes the right size. There will always be an envelope you can use but, the colour may not be ideal or there’s just too much room around the invitation or it’s too tight a fit.

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Compare Envelope with Wedding Invitation

Look at what’s available, compare them to the card/paper you’d like to use and think about whether you’re putting lots of enclosures in with the invitation or using embellishments or big bows, you might need a slightly larger envelope than you think. If you are using large embellishments or lovely bows consider a presentation box and, again, source these before you plan and design the invitation.

Envelope Liners

Not only have a luxurious feel they can also help protect your precious invitation inside, they’re both beautiful and practical!

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Proofread, Proofread……..did we say Proofread? We can’t recommend it enough, don’t just rely on spell check as venues, places and names may not be picked up. Read each word carefully, check and double check.

Then print out the text (this is good to check you’re happy with the layout too) and ask several other people to check it too. Better to do this than realise there’s a typo in your carefully made invitations!


Plan ahead

Think beyond your invitation right through to your wedding day stationery too, if you wish your theme carry through to your on the day stationery. You may not know numbers but consider if you need menus, place cards, table numbers etc. etc. so, where possible you can buy/request all the ribbon, embellishments, board stocks you will need to avoid stock issues or hiccups later.

Please also bear in mind that batches of certain items for example, paper stocks, glitter papers and even embellishments will vary slightly so if you wish to be assured of colour consistency then try to plan for this.



Oh how we love paper and board stock! Your choice of stock can dramatically alter your wedding invitation design. A typographic design will look classic on a pearlescent stock but rustic on a kraft stock.

If you have access to a laser printer that takes a stock up to about 300gsm then you’ll have the widest choice as you’ll be able to print on pearlescent card stock. If you have a laser printer but it will only process paper then one nifty work around is to print your work on paper before layering onto a card stock.

With an inkjet printer your choices are slightly more restricted as the results can be variable on pearlescent stock (even those stocks that are compatible the print may be less sharp and not as dark).

If you have any reservations at all then opt for matt stocks as these work well for all printers, although do be careful of anything too heavily textured.

Best of all do test prints before making your final choice!



Think ahead and, if you like a particular ribbon, check it comes in the different widths you might need.  Also ribbon colours do get discontinued every now and then so, if planning a long way ahead, keep checking with your supplier or stock up early!

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Mood boards and Pinterest

Mood-boards and Pinterest are your best friend. Most companies sell sample packs of card/paper and swatches/swatch books of ribbons, individual envelopes or embellishments. See what’s available before you decide on a colour or design theme to avoid the disappointment of discovering that what you’d like doesn’t always exist or a bespoke element can’t be made in time.


Allow plenty of time as it’s all bound to take longer than you think. If you planned your DIY stationery or took a client’s order for a specific design ages ago and it’s approaching ‘production time’, take time to double check with suppliers that no element/s have since been discontinued or changed by the manufacturers to avoid a ‘last minute’ panic.

Presentation Boxes, Yes or No?

If you think, with your embellishments, that you really need a presentation boxes for your invitations but your budget won’t allow it, don’t worry! If you position a square of card (the same size as the invitation) over the embellishment (the front of the invitation) before sliding it into the envelope any gems or pearls will be much better protected. These ‘board protectors’ are frequently included with embellished hand-made greeting cards for this purpose. Make yours serve a double purpose and print a poem, a welcome message or an ‘order of the day’ on it no-one will ever guess!

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Tying a Perfect Ribbon Bow

Tying a Perfect Bow: This is so simple yet works so well – make two loops in the ribbon (pointing upwards) with a little downward ‘loop in between. Simply tie these together as though you were tying a knot. Straighten the bow and resize as necessary.

Also try a bow maker – they really do help and it helps you to make your bows all the same size.

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    A word of caution – not all colours you see are the same! Those you see on your monitor may not be the same as those your print so do test prints until the colour is just as you want.

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    Use easy to read fonts for your inserts - especially for orders of service. Team script fonts for ornate sections (the names of the couple) with uppercase fonts and ‘easier reading’ fonts for maximum impact but easy reading. See our font guide.

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    Make yourself a template! If you’re attaching ribbon at a certain height 100 times over cut yourself a template of card the right height and use this to align your ribbon – simple but this will save you hours of measuring!

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    Diamantes ... a trade secret ... if you’re planning on placing a diamante in particular place where there isn’t a reference to use as a guide then print yourself a little dot – perfect placement every time!!

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    Keeping it Clean

    Make sure your hands are clean - keep some wet wipes nearby just in case.

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    Use old boxes, mason jars, tupperware etc for glitters and beads, embellishments and all your materials – keeping organized will save you lots of time in the long run!

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    Start with something simple and remember that depending on the occasion less can be more! Just keep it simple!

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    Bold Colours

    For really funky wedding stationery don't be afraid to use unusual colours. By adding contrasting insert papers and belly bands you can really jazz up your invitations, try bright pinks, blues and purples and patterns.

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    Don’s Rush!

    Struggling with a design? Sleep on it! It's amazing how the solution appears when you view it with fresh eyes.

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    Customer Tip - 'Don't end up hating your theme!'

    If you have lots of invitations to make think of a way of doing it in a way that won't take loads of time and is replicable without making you hate your wedding theme!!!!! Simple and Elegant is often a good idea. (Tip supplied by Sarah Jones)

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    Helpful hands

    Production – so everything is printed, you have your trims, ribbons, bakers twine, embellishments or all your chosen items and it feels daunting. Enlist your bestie to help!

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    Production line

    Set up a production line (yes it really works), in other words complete each process before you move onto the next. Fold all your Enfolios ® and glue, glue all your bases, attach all your ribbons, glue on all your embellishments ... it’s the best way!



If you want to use outliners to write text but don't think you have the talent then think again! Choose a font you like, (the funkier the better), size the text to fill the space well and print your chosen word/words eg. 'Wedding' in a very pale grey on your card blank. Now, once you have the outliner flowing well, follow the lines and finish with a dusting of micro glitter for a professional and eye catching invitation.

This principal can be applied with any pattern you like either by tracing it directly onto your card or by scanning in an image which you size appropriately before printing on your card blank, in pale grey, as before.


Mistakes and Errors?!

What me we hear you cry! No matter how careful you are accidents happen, printers jam, smudges appear and gremlins get in. Always allow yourself a ‘few spares’ whether it be additional supplies (ribbon, embellishments etc) or actual invitations ... better not to need them than to summon up enthusiasm to revisit the job when you thought it was complete. Sometimes those ‘spares’ come in really useful when you can invite an additional guest as the replies come in!

Guest List Organisation

Store your guest list in excel and create a mail merge for creating your address labels for envelopes. This will save you lots of time and is especially useful if you don’t have the neatest handwriting.

Trade secret ... try doing this if you’re printing guest names on your invites too ... merge the list and it will save you a lot of time individually typing your guest names.

This principal can be applied with any pattern you like either by tracing it directly onto your card or by scanning in an image which you size appropriately before printing on your card blank, in pale grey, as before.


Printing on tracing paper or 'vellum'

Tracing Paper or Vellum is less porous and comes out of an inkjet printer with the ink slightly wet. Make sure that you leave the tracing paper to dry for a few minutes before working with it again after printing.

Try printing in bold to make the text appear darker (but allow good drying time)Use the 'quick print' option to feed the paper through quicker and leave less ink on the page

Laser Printers give the best effect on vellum paper.


Gold and Silver Print Settings / Foiling

For printing in ‘gold’ or ‘silver’ use the following settings in the ‘custom colours’ of the document
• Gold: Red=192, Green=168, Blue=104
• Deeper Gold: Red=165, Green=138, Blue=82
• Silver: Red=151, Green=151, Blue=168
• Copper: Red=205, Green=115, Blue=0

Remember that these will never have the same ‘shiny’ effect that foiling gives. If you have your heart set on shiny images or text then you will need to enlist the help of a printer with foiling facilities (and often they will have minimum print quantities). A quick fix for this is to print the images or text on a laser printer first then run the sheets through a laminator with sublimation foil over the top with the shiny side face upwards (the heat fixes the foil to the toner), it’s a neat little trick but you must use a sublimation or UFO foil.

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    Printing ... it can be a headache for some but there are things you can do to make things easier.

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    Laser Printing

    A laser printer will always give you a better result, especially on pearlescent stocks

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    Printing on Cut Card or Inserts

    When printing on cut card or inserts adjust your print settings to the correct size (note that not all laser printers will print on card stock and not all printers will print on small pieces).


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    Number up

    If you use A4 card/paper you will find that you can fit more on a sheet (this is the number up). For example you’ll fit 2 x 141mm squares on an A4 sheet or 2 x C6 inserts, once printed use crop marks to trim your item to size (if you’re really not sure how to do this then surround your artwork with a text box and just cut inside the line).

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    Test Print

    Be prepared to run some test prints – use a cheaper paper for this to make sure you get it right before running through your chosen stock.

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    Metallic Printing and Printing on Vellum

    Please see details above for more info on simulating a metallic colour on your DIY wedding stationery.