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Vellum Jackets and Ready Cut Vellum

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Our vellum jackets, or vellum wraps, are precision cut to wrap around our card blanks, Enfolio pocketfolds and flat blank cards. With neat fold guidelines, all that you need to do is to fold along the guidelines and pop your wedding invitation inside (you may find it helps to fold them using a ruler as a tool to fold against as vellum is quite a firm paper).

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What is Vellum Paper?

Traditionally vellum paper was made from calf or goat skin, creating a high-quality, translucent paper. It's semi-transparent and diffuses or filters the light. However, modern vellum is typically made from a combination of wood pulp and cotton fibres, resulting in a durable and flexible translucent paper with a smooth surface and a translucent appearance allowing light to pass through partially.

Tracing paper and vellum have some similarities in terms of their qualities. However, there are significant differences between the two types of paper. Tracing paper is commonly used for sketching, drafting, and tracing designs, while vellum paper is often used for high-quality printing, drawing, calligraphy, or art reproduction. Vellum paper allows for light transmission, making it an excellent choice for reproducing artwork, especially in the printing and design industries.

Tracing paper tends to be clearer and less opaque than vellum. This is because vellum has a slightly cloudy appearance due to its fibres and manufacturing process. It is this unique appearance that makes vellum paper an attractive option for artistic and decorative purposes.

Our vellum is available in several weights from 110gsm upwards to a vellum cardstock weight, the lighter the paper weight, the more translucent it is.

What is Translucent Vellum Paper used for?

Vellum paper, because of its semi-transparent nature, filters light, creating a soft, diffuse and muted effect. This delicate and dreamy effect makes vellum perfect for wedding invitations and wedding stationery.

Translucent vellum paper sheets are also a popular choice for crafting, art, and design projects. It is used to create elegant wedding invitations and stationery but also to draft architectural plans and design details. It is also commonly used in bookbinding, where it is used to create book covers and endpapers.

Our vellum is available in several weights from 110gsm upwards to a vellum cardstock weight, the lighter the paper weight, the more translucent it is.

Vellum Jackets and Wraps

A vellum wrap is ideal for finishing vellum wedding invitations and is designed to allow enough room for the invitation inside and make creating your stationery project quick and easy.

The wrap is the perfect addition to your wedding invitations and offers a unique and beautiful way to elevate an invitation or wedding stationery suite. We have them available in a range of our most popular wedding invitation sizes, from 5 x 7 vellum jackets, large squares and A6 to A5 vellum wraps.

Our vellum jackets can be left just as they are or combined with print. coloured, black or white, wax seals and silk ribbons colours for a gorgeous effect. Using a wax seal on a vellum jacket is a sophisticated and elegant way to add a personal touch to your wedding invitations or stationery.

What Printer will Print on Vellum Paper?

For translucent vellum paper printing, it is important to consider the type of printer and ink you will be using. Vellum absorbs ink differently, so it's best to use a printer that has the ability to adjust the ink output to accommodate the unique properties of the paper.

Inkjet printers are generally a good option as they have the ability to produce a high-quality print with fine detail and accurate colours. However, some inkjet printers may better suit this task than others. Look for a printer that is designed for use with speciality papers, such as vellum, and has a manual feed option to prevent the paper from jamming.

Laser printers can also be used. However, the heat generated by the laser can cause the translucent vellum paper to wrinkle or curl, especially the lighter-weight options.

White ink print is stunning on translucent paper and is one of the most popular services we offer.

Vellum Envelopes

We have a range of vellum envelopes and inserts available as well as A4 sheets and A3 sheets and vellum in a range of cut sizes to allow for creativity and an endless combination of ideas or to use as a vellum overlay, or wrap around your print.

We even have small vellum place cards available which are ideal for calligraphers or writing on for place names. They could also be used for another project.