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Boxed Large Heart 'To Have and To Hold' Ring Dish

In stock

The larger 'To Have and To Hold' boxed ceramic hearts are a lovely gift for the bride and groom. The larger hearts are also ideal as ring dishes.

Each delightful porcelain heart has a message imprinted into it and has a smooth, glazed finish. Presented in a lovely ivory/cream box with ‘rib’ embossing. The heart in the larger gift box has a little hole in the top with a cute, ceramic square impressed with a heart tied to the main heart with a string bow.

Each lid has a ‘topper’ with printed text that indicates the words on the heart. Other boxed ceramic heart gifts are also available.



Each 'To Have and To Hold' heart measures 8.5cm x 9cm and is slightly concave.

Box measures 9.5cm x 9cm x 1.75cm. Sold individually.

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