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Floral Suitcase - Vintage Roses

In stock

If you want a fabulous attaché case or dinky little suitcase our floral suitcase has got your name on it, literally as it comes with the cutest manila tag that reads ‘This suitcase is the property of ….’!

At a wedding it would make an ideal receiving box for cards and small gifts as well as being the perfect style for a vintage ‘suitcase table plan’ (so popular at the moment). Use at home to store special and treasured things, letters, photographs, your wedding veil and wedding keepsakes.

The vintage rose design covers the outside, whilst inside a delicate floral grey and white pattern covers the case’s inner. The corners, edges, locks and handle attachments are metal whilst the carry handle and strengthening bands on the outside are smoothed wood studded with metal pins.

The case stands upright and is very rigid. For use as an attaché case the coated card outer is strong and will survive day to day use but we could not say it is waterproof.



The Floral Suitcase measures approximately 37.5cm x 27cm x 11cm, perfect for a DIY wedding suitcase table plan.

Sold individually.

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