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Wedding Supplier Spotlight – ‘A Moment of Magic’

We are so delighted to showcase the work of Amy MacQuarrie, another wedding supplier who has agreed to take part in our ‘Stationer Spotlight’ feature on wowvow

Amy MacQuarrie

Amy runs ‘A Moment of Magic’ located in Bolton – we know you’ll enjoy her inspiring story!

wowvow: Tell us a little about the journey you made to launching your business.

Amy: I started my business, I think it was around 2014, when it came to my own wedding stationery! I’d always made cards/invitations for family members and so decided to create my own after receiving some really bad customer service from another company who I wanted to use. It shouldn’t be like that for your wedding! So I started to design and create my own, and my friend asked me to do hers too as she was getting married the day before myself, and then I kind of had a light bulb moment and thought why can’t I do it for others too … and I’ve never looked back!

wowvow: What were some of your biggest challenges in starting your business?

Amy: My biggest challenge was time! I had a full time job at a debt company in accounts and finding the time to do everything I wanted to do was so stressful. I would be sitting at my desk with no work to do, thinking about all the things I could be doing at home. Needless to say after a few years I had gained enough custom to finally take the plunge and I have now worked from home for over 2 years.

wowvow: What advice would you give to any stationery designers setting up?

Amy: I think the advice I would give is just always give it your all, and don’t be disheartened when you don’t get 50 million likes on your social media etc. because that can set your mind back miles, and never compare yourself to anyone! You are the best at what you do in your own right. Another thing I PRIDE myself on and think it’s THE most important thing, is ALWAYS use the best materials. I only ever use or create something I would want to receive myself, and materials are the biggest thing for me!

wowvow: How do you differentiate yourself from other wedding suppliers?

Amy: This year it’s so hard to differentiate yourself style wise, particularly for invitations there’s SO many of the same style knocking about, but of course your materials and the way you make things needs to be BETTER than anyone! I would say for me, I like to try and create different styles and not just your ordinary, and I like to think that I offer more of a ‘friend’ approach to people. Your wedding day is SO important and it’s not about business, I like to think that I become really close to my couples, and just make them feel at ease and they put their trust in me

Vintage style 'Save the Dates'

Stunning Save the Date cards complete with 3D detail and magnetic reverse for attaching to the fridge!

Invites Embellished with Diamante and Pearl

Z-fold wedding invitations with exquisite print and sparkling diamante embellishment

Stunning Embellished Invitations with Ribbon

The cutest mini pocketfolds with glitter, texture and diamante embellishments, so luxurious!

wowvow: What is your favourite craft tool?

Amy: My fave craft tool has got to be my guillotine. Boring I know, but I use it every day, it’s SO perfect in what it does, and I literally would be lost without it!

wowvow: What’s your favourite wowvow product

Amy: Fave WOWVOW product, which I think everyone would guess, is GLITTER CARD (although it’s not my husband’s fave when he’s got it all over his face constantly and hoovering it up off the floor). My most used is Silver & Champagne Supernova! I literally base my work around these haha!

wowvow: Why do you like to shop with wowvow?

Amy: I’ve shopped with WOWVOW now for at a guess 4 years? Customer Service is THE BEST, and I’m always on the phone to Wendy (I bet she dreads hearing it’s me) asking her advice and she’s always amazing, and the products are just amazing, quality, speedy postage and feed my Moam addiction!

wowvow: What is your favourite wedding design trend at the moment?

Amy: You know I honestly don’t think I have one, because I see so many different things that I love on a daily basis, and there are some things that just never get old and will always be classic! It’s all about the way you present it!

wowvow: Where do you take your inspiration from?

Amy: There are so many different amazing companies out there, and are all different in their own right, but I think my biggest inspo comes from my couples! I do so many consultations and they basically create their own invitation. I just let them loose playing around with the materials to make something they like, and then I put my own twist on things and make something which is completely different!

wowvow: Who is your design hero?

Amy: I honestly don’t have a design hero as there are so many designers out there that do completely different things that I love, but of course anybody who uses anything sparkly and pretty catches my magpie eye!

Wedding Tassels

Incredible detail and luxury decoration goes into Amy’s mini pocketfolds.

Personalised Wedding Invitations

Beautiful, personalised wedding stationery that reflects the style and imagination of the couple.

Wedding Invitations with all the Details

Accommodating all your special wedding details within your wedding invitations.

wowvow: What else do you like to do when you’re not designing or creating?

Amy: When I’m not working I spend most of my time with my sister and my little niece who is 16 months old! She’s such a character and is my biggest WHY to make sure I do well in business so I can spend the time with her and spoil her rotten. Other than that me and Kieran LOVE going walking and finding new places to eat! We are SUCH foodies I’d hate to think how much money we spend on eating out!

wowvow: What is your proudest personal and/or professional accomplishment over the last year?

Amy: Proudest personal accomplishment is finally being able to buy our own house. Me and Kieran are both self-employed so it’s been a real struggle to get a mortgage but we have finally just had an offer accepted on the most amazing house!

Proudest business accomplishment would be being able to buy THE PRINTER OF DREAMS! In March this year I invested in an Oki Printer which you would typically have in a warehouse! It arrived to my little apartment in the attic on an Artic lorry, 18 stone heavy with the packaging and took 4 of us to get it up 3 flights of stairs! The print quality is out of this world, and being able to afford something like this is just an amazing feeling for such a small business!

wowvow: What do you imagine you’d be doing if you didn’t have your business?

Amy: If I didn’t have my business, I think, job wise, I’d still be working in the accounts sector, and nowhere near as happy as I am now! I’d definitely have more time to myself and less stress (haha) but I just love making people happy, so everything is so worth it!

Stylish Save the Dates

Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

Beautifully embellished stationery

wowvow: What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Amy: Huge toss up between being taken to Paris & Brussels for my birthday or my Jimmy Choo trainers which I LIVE in!

wowvow: What are your pet hates?

Amy: Pet hate is ignorance and bragging! Everyone just needs to be kind and happy 🙂

wowvow: What was the last photograph you took with your phone?

Amy: Last photograph was of my Gin 🙂 I’m currently sat in the middle of the ocean somewhere on Independence of the Seas!* Which is why I FINALLY have the time to do this Q&A (*Amy is now back home and hard at work!)

wowvow: What is your personal mantra?

Amy: Positive thinking and always know you’re blessed! I’ve only started really practicing this and reading happy quotes etc. in the last 6 months, and as barmy as it seems, it’s really helped me and worked! The opportunities it’s brought for me and just the pure happiness is crazy, and I truly believe it’s because I’ve changed my outlook on life!

wowvow: How does your day start?…

Amy: Make my ‘to do’ list, Coffee & ‘Cheers’ (TV program) on the couch, and then press on for the day!

wowvow: What are you reading at the moment?

Amy: At the moment I’m reading a book that was recommended on BBC Radio Manchester called ‘The Woman in the Window’ I’ll let you know how I get on!

wowvow: What are you currently watching on TV/Netflix?

Amy: What am I NOT watching! I’m really obsessed and I’ve literally run out of things to watch on Netflix! I always have something in the background while I’m working.

wowvow: What piece of your wardrobe best represents your style?

Amy: My Black Jeans!!! I live in them and everyone always makes a comment when I’m actually out of them or wearing some colour, but I always have a bit of something sparkly on whether it be my sparkly gold Jimmy’s’ or my Guess trainers with the sparkly toes.

wowvow: Tell us something we don’t already know about you!

Amy: I’m a Neighbours geek. This is probably the most interesting thing about me, I’m so boring Dr Karl Kennedy sent me and Kieran a video message for our Wedding Day arranged by my sister!

wowvow: What are you going to do next?

Amy: Next in terms of business I want to try and create a lot more designs, but finding the time is so hard! I’d love to do a complete new range which hopefully this year I will get round to! And personally, never go out again! We will be living off super noodles now until we have our house haha!

Beautiful pocketfold wedding invitations with glitter