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Fabri-Tac - 2fl oz (59ml)

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Fabri-Tac is known as the glue gun in a bottle! With a fast bond it’s ideal for many craft and repair uses.

  • Permanent, fast grab, quick drying, crystal clear, and washable.
  • Bonds fabric, wood, leather, lace, suede, tile, felt, pearls & gems (except for those with a silver coating on back) plaster, glass, trims, canvas, ribbons, hats, & much more.
  • Won't stain or soak into fabrics. Perfect for hems, seams and other clothing repairs. Prevents fraying and maintains its strength through countless washings.
  • Ideal for creating dolls, pillows, stuffed animals, wreaths, dried floral arrangements, picture frames, ornaments, gift and jewellery boxes, lampshades, upholstery, drapes, handbags, shoes, bridal headpieces, party favours, and many other projects.
  • Great for general household and yard projects and repairs.
  • Easier to use than a glue gun . . . no heat, mess or inconvenience.


  • Poke a hole in applicator tip with a large paper clip to release a more precise line of glue. To cover larger surfaces, snip tip near top.
  • Apply a small amount of Vaseline to top of dispensing tip to reduce stringing.
  • Always keep top covered to prevent evaporation. If red tip is lost, just cover the bottle opening with plastic wrap and replace cap to prevent glue from drying out.
  • Thin with acetone. Do NOT use nail polisher remover as it may discolour glue. Add acetone drop by drop, stirring, until desired consistency is achieved.
  • Never use fine furniture as a work surface even if protected as the acetone fumes will attack the finish.
  • Make sure all work surfaces are properly covered when using.
  • Pre-wash all fabrics to remove sizing before applying glue. Sizing prevents glue from thoroughly penetrating fibres. Some metallic threaded fabrics might require two washings.
  • Not suitable for applying patches to fabrics as patches have a coating on back that prevents glue from absorbing into the fibres.
  • Dry clean to remove glue from garments. Depending on fabric and how much glue was used, more than one cleaning may be necessary.
  • Glue is designed to bond to the top fibres of the fabric and should not be pushed into the garment as stiffening will result.
  • Flammable only when wet and should never be applied near an open flame. Once dried, there is no danger of flammability.
  • Always use with proper ventilation.
  • Not suitable for use on Velcro, denier nylon, or very sheer and delicate fabrics where glue might soak through.
  • Glue dries very fast. Work in small 1-3 inch areas to prevent glue from drying too rapidly.
  • If glue separates after washing, garment was not properly pre-washed to remove sizing, glue was allowed to dry before adhering, surface did not allow glue to penetrate fibres.




A 2fl oz (59ml) bottle of Beacon Fabri-Tac permanent adhesive.

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