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SRA3, A3 Paper and Paper Inserts

Card Making Papers

Our selection of A3 and SRA3 paper stock, along with pre-cut paper inserts, complements our A4 papers. This selection is ideal for cardmakers, craft enthusiasts, and wedding stationery designers.

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A3 Paper

A3 paper is a standard size measuring 297 x 420 mm (11.7 x 16.5 inches). It is twice the size of A4 paper and is commonly used for posters, presentations, and other large-format printing.

Our A3 paper is made from high-quality materials to ensure clear and vibrant prints. It is ideal for professional settings such as offices, schools, and print shops.

Our selection includes A3 paper in a variety of weights and finishes tailored to meet your specific printing requirements. Whether it's the shimmer of pearlescent or the understated elegance of matte, our extensive range has you covered.

SRA3 Paper

SRA3 paper is slightly larger than A3, measuring 320 x 450 mm (12.6 x 17.7 inches). It is commonly used for printing larger items such as table plans, book covers, brochures, and menus. 

Paper Inserts for Card Blanks

Our pre-cut paper inserts simplify card-making and DIY wedding invitations, speeding up the process. Available in various sizes to fit our card blanks perfectly, ensuring a clean edge without any paper overhang.

Our pre-cut paper inserts fit perfectly into our prescored card blanks, saving you the effort of cutting and measuring. This lets you focus on the creative side of card-making.

Our paper insert range is the perfect solution to add a personal touch to birthday cards and personalised greeting cards to wedding invitations, as you can mix and match the paper stock.

Sizes of our Insert Papers for Card Blanks

Our insert range is available in a wide range of colours and precision cut to fit various card sizes. Popular sizes include our A5 blank cards (ideal for orders of service), A6 card blanks, large square cards, and 5 x 7 card blanks. Each insert is slightly smaller than our blank cards so that it fits neatly into the card when folded with a 3mm (approx) border all the way around.

How do you stick inserts to cards?

  • Simply print the insert (or leave it blank for writing later), then fold the paper and attach it to the centre of your card; these can be glued, stapled or tied into place with ribbon or a pretty cord. (When folding the insert, use a paper creaser for a professional crease).
  • Use adhesive tape or glue to attach inserts to your cards. Apply a thin layer on the insert's back and place it inside the card. Ensure proper alignment before pressing down to secure it.
  • You can also use double-sided tape for a cleaner and neater finish. Simply apply the tape on the edges of the insert and carefully place it onto the inside of the card.
  • With our pre-cut inserts, you can easily create professional-looking cards without worrying about uneven cuts or messy glues. 

A4 Paper

A4 white paper is the most commonly used worldwide, A4 size, 210 x 297 mm. It is the standard size for everyday printing needs such as documents, letters, and reports.

We offer A4 sheets and colour A4 paper in various weights and quality finishes tailored to your needs. For added versatility, white and coloured paper A4 options are available, as is translucent vellum.

Range of Papers

Our papers are available in pearlescent, matte, and textured finishes in a range of colours and features.

Our pearlescent stocks add a subtle shimmer, enhancing the depth of your prints. Available in various colours, they're perfect for wedding stationery, invitations, or any project requiring a luxurious touch.

Our matte stock is an excellent choice for a contemporary and sophisticated look, making it work especially well for modern wedding invitations.

Our stock with texture, from felt-marked to tactile stock like Colorplan and Materica, adds a subtle sophistication.


When it comes to envelope colours, we offer a wide variety to choose from to complement your handmade cards and DIY wedding invitations. From classic white and ivory to vibrant hues like pink, blue, green, and yellow, we have the perfect envelope colour to suit your needs.

We offer the ultimate flexibility if you're looking for cards and envelopes together, as we don't have restrictive packs. This means that you can mix and match different textures and colours to create your perfect combination.


Our range of A3 and SRA3 papers, pre-cut paper inserts, and A4 papers provide the ideal solution for all your card-making needs. With our high-quality materials, various sizes, finishes, and colours, you can easily create professional-looking cards without hassle. 

Whether you’re crafting your own wedding invitations, a handmade birthday card or personalised Christmas cards, our quality cards and envelopes make it easy to create the perfect design for special birthdays and weddings.