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You need a high quality wedding envelope to send your precious handmade cards and invitations through the rigours of the postal system.

Also you need an envelope that is 'just the right size' for the wedding invitation - so often the envelopes are too large or just not large enough for the invitation design. We've addressed this so that all our cut boards fit our envelopes - with just the right amount of room for the invitation embellishments. Our envelopes can also be used as lottery ticket envelopes.

Our mantra is 'it all starts with the envelope'. Choose the envelope size you want and work backwards as there's nothing worse than designing something beautiful and then realising no-one makes the envelope to fit it! We've chosen our envelopes with care in the sizes you want with more to come!

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  1. C7 Envelopes for response cards and wedding invitations
    SKU: ENV17
    C7 Envelopes

    Starting at £0.10

  2. C6 Envelopes for DIY wedding invitations
    SKU: ENV14
    C6 Envelopes

    Starting at £0.12

  3. 125 x 175mm Envelopes for making wedding invitations

    Starting at £0.10

  4. Small C5 Envelopes perfect for flat wedding invitations

    Starting at £0.17

  5. C5 Envelopes for DIY Wedding Invitations
    SKU: ENV15
    C5 Envelopes

    Starting at £0.18

9 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction