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Wedding Invitation Wording

Wedding invitation wording examples and guides
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    Names of the bride's parents or other hosts.

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    Bride's first name

    First name of the bride (for civil partnerships and commitment ceremonies first or full names of the couple).

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    Bridegroom details

    First name and surname of the bridegroom and his title (Mr/Lieutenant/Sir).

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    Ceremony Details

    Where the ceremony is taking place.

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    Wedding Date

    Date, month and year of the wedding ceremony.

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    Time ?

    Time of the ceremony.

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    Reception Details

    Location of the wedding reception.

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    Reply Details

    Address to which guests must reply.


Save the Dates

Save the Date Cards
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    When to send out wedding invitations ?

    Wedding invitations are traditionally sent to your guests approximately six weeks prior to the wedding date. However in our experience families tend to to organise themselves ‘well in advance’ especially when considering annual holidays and the invitations are sent out much sooner than this. Please click here for more detailed information on the wedding timeline.

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    Save The Date Cards

    To avoid sending out the invitations too early many couples opt to send 'Save The Date' or ‘Save the Day’ cards – these are great for informing the date of the wedding and allow the wedding invitations to be sent much later.

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    What to include on your Save The Date Card ?

    Include the date, ceremony location (if known) and that you would like them to keep the date free. State that the invitation will follow.

Save the Date

Formal Save the Date

Olivia and Jasper

are getting married
on Saturday 15th September 2018
at St. Michael and All Angels Church, Bray
and would love you to be there

Please keep the date free

Formal invitation to follow

Save The Date

Informal Save The Date

Keep the date free!

We are getting married
on the 15th September 2018
at St. Michael and All Angels Church, Bray
and we would love you to be there

Olivia and Jasper

Invitation to follow


Wedding Invitation Wording

For a formal traditionally worded wedding invitation.
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    Include all names written in full (including middle names) – don’t be tempted to abbreviate

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    First avoid using abbreviations for times, dates and locations eg ‘2pm’ should be ‘two o’clock’, Rd should be ‘Road’.

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    Bride before Groom

    Traditionally the Bride is listed before the Groom using Christian and middle names only however, please do bear in mind, some religions and military weddings require the opposite.

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    Punctuation is limited except following Mr., Mrs., etc and where a break is required on a single line eg on Friday, the 12th of August.

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    Numbers are usually spelt out as words eg ‘3’ becomes ‘three’ unless the number has more than two digits.

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    Religious and Civil Ceremonies

    If the ceremony is a religious one, ‘the honour of your presence’ is the phrase used. If the ceremony is a civil one this is replaced with, ‘the pleasure of your company’.

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    Dress requirements

    Specify any dress requirements e.g. black tie, smart, no jeans etc.

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    Will food be served? (If it's not a dinner/lunch party).

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    Finishing times

    When will it finish?

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    If children are invited, make this clear and include their name on the invitation. However, if you want a child-free party, include a short tactful note, such as: 'We are sorry, but we are unable to accommodate children'.

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    Put maps and directions to the ceremony and reception venues and be sure that car-parking areas are clearly marked. If appropriate, include a list of nearby hotel/guests houses and their prices.

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    Reply date

    Having a 'reply date' can help significantly with your preparations - when guests don't reply the date gives a good excuse for a gentle 'nudge'.


Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

Examples of Informal and Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording

Traditional RSVP

Response Card Wording
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    Return of RSVP's

    If you include response cards (reply cards or RSVP’s) then these should be returned no later than 4 weeks before the wedding.

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    What to do when you receive the RSVP's?

    Once these acceptances have received, you will be in a better position to send out the evening invitations if you’ve not already done so.

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    Check minimum guest numbers for reception

    If the reception venue you have booked requires you to seat a minimum number of guests then guests from your evening list can replace any guests invited to the day who are unable to attend.

Traditional RSVP

Response Card Wording


is/are pleased to accept your kind

invitation to the marriage of your


Olivia Hazel


Mr. Jasper Alex Hampton

on Saturday 15th September

There could also be options for:

Selecting a vegetarian or vegan option

Writing in the total number of family members who will be attending

Stating whether the guest will be attending both the service and the party/reception afterwards


Order of Service

Order of Service Title and Content Pages

Order of Service

Title Page

Name of church


The marriage of






Order of Service


Entrance music for bride



The Marriage

Prayers (optional)

Reading (optional)

Blessing (optional)


Reading/blessing (optional)


Signing of the register

Exit music

The Order of Service contains a title page and is usually up to 4 pages of text.
Please note: it is important to obtain permission to use any hymn or piece of music still under copyright.

00 Order Of Service

Wedding Cancellation and Postponement

Unforeseen Circumstances and Illness

Wedding Cancellation

Unforeseen Circumstances

Owing to the sudden death of Mr Armstrong the wedding of his daughter Olivia to Mr Jasper Hampton at St. Michael and All Angels Church, Bray on 10th August 2019 will not now take place. The marriage will take place privately at a date to be decided.

Wedding Postponement

Due to Illness

Owing to the recent illness of Mrs Armstrong's mother, the wedding of her daughter Olivia to Mr Jasper Hampton at St. Michael and All Angels Church, Bray on 10th August 2019 has been postponed to 3 o’clock on 29th September 2020.