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Organza Ribbons

Subtle and beautiful organza or chiffon ribbons are perfect for dressing wedding stationery, floral arrangements, bouquets or wrapping gifts and wedding favours.

Their sheer quality evokes a romantic and delicate look.

Organza ribbons are sheer and opaque and these characteristics cause the ribbon to carry colour lightly. The resulting delicate tones are perfect for creating beautiful and very feminine wedding stationery. Organza ribbon is ideal for making bows as, when you pull knots tight the ribbon 'grips' and holds the knot together really well. When made into a bow organza ribbon has a 'bounce' and makes a lovely, shapely bow. As organza is so light organza ribbon has a 'fly-away', diaphanous appeal making it perfect for a fairytale suite of wedding stationery. For adding real structure use our wired glitter organza ribbons or, to add an extra depth of colour and pretty detail, try our satin edged organza ribbons.