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Wedding Stationery Fonts

Vellum Wedding Invitation

Choosing the Best Wedding Invitation Fonts

There are lots of choices when it comes to choosing the best fonts for your wedding stationery. If you’re making DIY wedding stationery, then you’ll need to select the best font combination for your design.

Elegant fonts for wedding invitations can be both beautiful and practical. When looking for wedding font ideas, you might find a display font or curly wedding font, but beware as guests might find it hard to read the information on your invitation.

By teaming script and wedding calligraphy fonts with others, the font pairing will also be a success on other stationery and be the best font for wedding signs and seating plans as well. Wedding stationery designers often use font combinations.

As you plan your wedding invitation design, consider all of your stationery at once to avoid any readability issues.

Best Font Combinations For Wedding Invitations

Combinations and font pairings are the best fonts for wedding invitations. Choosing a font combination allows calligraphy names for the couple and an easy to read font for crucial information such as dates, hymns and readings. The best font style for wedding invitations will also work as the best font for a wedding seating chart or an Order of Service.

What Types of Fonts are There For Wedding Stationery?

Loosely speaking there are three main groups of fonts for wedding stationery serif, sans serif and wedding script fonts (including calligraphy fonts). When you’re in the wedding planning process, it’s essential to choose the right font or font combination to ensure that your invite is both beautiful and readable.

The best font for wedding invitation envelopes will be the readable font, although sometimes the addressee can be in a handwriting or calligraphy font. The perfect choice for return addresses on RSVP cards will always be the readable font but save the dates can be a combination.

Serif Fonts

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts have ‘little tails’ or ‘strokes’ on the letters and tend to have a more traditional/formal style

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif fonts are ‘without tails’ on the letters and tend to have a more ‘contemporary/less formal style.

Script and Caligraphy Fonts

Script and Calligraphy Fonts

Script and calligraphy are the most popular fonts used for wedding invitations. They’re perfect fonts for wedding initials as well. as they’re both stylish and romantic.

Typography; Weight, Spacing and Kerning

  • The art of font placement is called ‘typography’. You can add interest by changing the weight or spacing of the font – a simple but effective way of adding interest to the design.
  • Pay attention to the kerning, the distance between the letters, sometimes this needs adjusting to make an element look balanced. It’s right on-trend to increase the spacing when using capitalisation in your design.
Dusky Pink Wedding Invitation
The style of your wedding invitations can be enhanced by the typography

Can I Use The Installed Fonts On My Mac or PC?

You’ll have a choice of fonts already installed on your PC, you might have just what you need, if not you’ll have to choose a new font and install it. There are several places online that you can find elegant wedding fonts. These may be free fonts or free for personal use or you might need to purchase a font licence.

Pinterest Inspiration For Wedding Stationery Fonts

Pinterest is great for wedding font inspiration, you’ll find some font combinations appear again and again. We’ve featured a few combinations of fonts for wedding stationery below.

Wedding Stationery Font Ideas

Wedding Fonts - Adorable and Silver South Serif

Fonts, Adorable and Silver South

Wedding Fonts - Amberlight and Futura

Fonts, Amberlight and Futura

Wedding Fonts - Santorini and Corbel

Fonts, Santorini and Corbel

Wedding Fonts - Great Vibes and Calibri

Fonts, Great Vibes

Wedding fonts - Sacramento and Garamond

Fonts, Sacramento and Garamond

Wedding Fonts - Zapfino and Century Gothic

Fonts, Zapfino and Century Gothic

How To Use Fonts For Your Wedding Stationery Design?

For maximum impact with your wedding stationery combine either serif or sans serif font with a calligraphy or script font. Use the script or calligraphy font for the details to which you which to draw attention such as the names of the couple, names of the guests, headers (e.g. invitation, menu, an order of service etc.)

Wedding Placecards printed with a Script Font
Wedding Placecards printed with a Script Font

Free Wedding Fonts and Font Foundries

You can often see a sample text before purchasing. It’s a good idea to consider your choice and test it carefully using your names before purchasing or downloading. There are many beautiful wedding fonts free for personal use but do check if you need to purchase a license for your chosen font.

Need Help Or Guidance When It Comes To DIY Wedding Stationery?

Here at wowvow we have years of experience of DIY wedding stationery makes,
as well as creating stunning bespoke wedding stationery and we’re always here to help if you have any enquiries or need advice XXX