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DL Card Blank - Insert Paper

In stock

Our card blank insert papers are ideal if you're making DIY wedding invitations, handmade cards, notecards, correspondence cards or invites for a special occasion. The paper is flat and cut so that it fits into our card blanks. 

Our DL card blank, insert papers will fold in half to fit inside our DL card blanks.

To order: choose your paper style (matt, pearlescent, etc.), the paper range, and the paper colour

Our DL card blank, insert papers are available in multiples of 6.

Please note that these products are cut to order and not returnable, so please double-check your requirements before ordering. Our cutting tolerance is plus or minus 1 or 2mm.



Our DL card blank, insert paper measures 194 x 204mm and will fit inside our DL card blanks.

White, Ivory & Cream
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DL Card Blank - Insert Paper is available to buy in increments of 2

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DL Card Blank - Insert Paper
DL Card Blank - Insert Paper

Our DL Card Blank - Insert Paper is designed to fit perfectly into our DL card blanks leaving a small border all the way around. Simply fold the insert paper in half (check which way to fold first) place glue on the reverse and stick into your card.

Our DL Card Blank with an attached insert paper will fit inside a DL envelope.

We have a range of matching high-quality A4 paper stock for you to choose from, including coloured, matt, pearlescent, textured, glitter, recycled kraft and a range of whites, ivories and creams. 

Please note that these products are cut to order and not returnable, so please double-check your requirements before ordering. Our cutting tolerance is plus or minus 1 or 2mm.

Card Blanks for Card Making

Our card blanks are designed for making handmade cards for special occasions, from birthdays and Mother’s Day, to wedding stationery and invitations but are suitable for all types of card making.

They come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours and ours are ready and precut especially for the envelope sizes we have available.


Our blank cards allow handmade cardmakers to create unique handmade cards with beautiful and eye-catching designs.

Insert Papers

If you decide to add an insert paper, also known as a liner, it can add an extra touch of elegance to your card-making. Our inserts come in a variety of colours and are precision cut so that when folded, they fit our card blanks with a small border all the way around the inside.


Insert papers add a perfect final touch to handmade cards and are ideal as they can be printed separately and easily attached inside with adhesive.


It’s unnecessary to have an insert paper that matches the card stock – why not try something different and contrast it with the blank card to give your handmade card a unique look? You can choose a different colour insert paper than the card stock to elevate your design.


We have a variety of papers for you to select from, including matt, textured and pearlescent paperstocks, all with a matching A4 paper available.

Blank Cards and Envelopes

Our card blanks and envelopes are available to mix and match as often, the perfect envelope choice can be part of the design.


From the ever-popular sage or racing green to pastel yellow and dusky blues you’ll find that we have envelopes to suit. Our range of envelopes are available from 5×7, to C5, C6 and DL size in high-quality paper stocks and finishes.

How to use our Insert Papers

  • Print your insert paper using our preset templates (if required)
  • Fold in half
  • Attach to the inside of your blank cards using double sided tape or glue

Choosing the Right Size Card Blanks and Inserts

Our blank cards are available in a great choice of sizes, including large square, 147mm x 147mm, small square, 125mm x 125mm, DL, A6 and A5 card blanks.

If you’re looking to make a greeting card, having the right supplies on hand is essential. We offer an extensive assortment of blank cards and envelopes in various sizes, shades and textures – so whatever kind of card you are crafting, we have everything for it! Look no further for your perfect paper products; our selection will not disappoint.

At wowvow, you can find all the supplies you need to create handmade cards. We have everything from card blanks and insert papers, to envelopes and other tools for cardmaking. Browse our range and get creative today!

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll find our inserts will add elegance to your handmade cards for birthdays and wedding invitations.

Vellum and Translucent Paper

Translucent paper, also known as vellum paper, is a popular choice for card-making and wedding invitations. While often called ‘white’ it’s uniquely smooth, semi-transparent nature gives it an ethereal quality that adds an extra touch of elegance to wedding stationery. Vellum is similar to tracing paper and can be used to create layered cards, with a patterned or printed layer on the back and a vellum layer on the front.

Vellum Wedding Invitation
Vellum jackets are the perfect choice for contemporary, luxurious wedding invitations.

Translucent Vellum Paper Jackets

For wedding invitations, vellum jackets can be used to protect and enhance the invitation inside. The transparent quality of vellum makes it a romantic choice for wedding invitations, and it looks beautiful paired with elegant writing and calligraphy lettering.

Translucent vellum paper comes in a range of weights and thicknesses, so you can choose the perfect type to suit your design. Lighter paper, such as 110gsm is generally thinner and better suited for intricate designs that require more transparency like inserts for cards or envelope liners. Heavier papers like 150gsm or 180gsm are ideal for when you need less translucency so details are more obscured and as they’re more robust are not creased so easily.

Curious Translucent vellums are 100gsm and are available in a beautiful range of scrumptious colours perfect for inspiring creativity when crafting.

Printing on Vellum Paper

If you’re going to print on vellum paper sheets for a project then ideally this is best done with a toner-based or laser printer. It is possible to use an inkjet printer to print but you may have to adjust your printer settings (for example a light setting that uses less ink) and allow for additional drying time between printing each of the sheets.

Whether you’re creating a card, scrapbooking or designing an invitation suite, the variety of vellum and translucent vellum paper is perfect for endless ideas.

Matt Papers

Accent Antique

Accent Antique paper stock has a subtle textured antique effect to the surface. It has a luxurious feel and is perfect for card making, wedding invitations and other high-end craft projects.

Available in Alabaster and Silk (white and ivory), it’s 110gsm and perfect for inserts for handmade cards.

Accent Smooth

If you’re looking for a luxurious, high-quality paperstock for your wedding invitations, Accent Smooth is the perfect choice. With its beautiful silk finish, it’s perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your invitations.

Accent Smooth 160gsm is a natural ivory making it perfect for study inserst for card making.


Callisto paper stock is a matt, uncoated paper that will add and element of luxury to your card making. It’s 120gsm, so it’s a good weight for inserts and has a lovely tactile texture.

Available in Diamond White and Pearl (a perfect ivory) perfect for inserts inside our card blanks.

Callisto is made in the UK and sourced from an FSC certified supplier.


View all our Colorplan paper shades.

P679 Colorplan Adriatic A4 135gsm Paper
P449 Colorplan Amethyst A4 135gsm Paper
P453 Colorplan Azure Blue A4 135gsm Paper
P680 Colorplan Bagdad Brown A4 135gsm Paper
P681 Colorplan Bitter Chocolate A4 135gsm Paper
P682 Colorplan Bright Red A4 135gsm Paper
P683 Colorplan Bright White A4 135gsm Paper
P444 Colorplan Candy Pink A4 135gsm Paper
P684 Colorplan Chartreuse A4 135gsm Paper
P685 Colorplan China White A4 135gsm Paper
P686 Colorplan Citrine A4 135gsm Paper
P458 Colorplan Claret A4 135gsm Paper
P687 Colorplan Cobalt A4 135gsm Paper
P688 Colorplan Cool Blue A4 135gsm Paper
P454 Colorplan Cool Grey A4 135gsm Paper
P445 Colorplan Dark Grey A4 135gsm Paper
P645 Colorplan Ebony A4 135gsm Paper
P689 Colorplan Emerald A4 135gsm Paper
P690 Colorplan Factory Yellow A4 135gsm Paper
P474 Colorplan Forest A4 135gsm Paper
P443 Colorplan Fuchsia Pink A4 135gsm Paper
P691 Colorplan Harvest A4 135gsm Paper
P692 Colorplan Hot Pink A4 135gsm Paper
P693 Colorplan Ice white A4 135gsm Paper
P477 Colorplan Imperial Blue A4 135gsm Paper
P451 Colorplan Lavender A4 135gsm Paper
P694 Colorplan Lockwood Green A4 135gsm Paper
P695 Colorplan Mandarin A4 135gsm Paper
P483 Colorplan Marrs Green A4 135gsm Paper
P446 Colorplan Mid Green A4 135gsm Paper
P452 Colorplan Mist A4 135gsm Paper
P485 Colorplan Natural A4 135gsm Paper
P471 Colorplan New Blue A4 135gsm Paper
P696 Colorplan Nubuck Brown A4 135gsm Paper
P457 Colorplan Pale Grey A4 135gsm Paper
P651 Colorplan Park Green A4 135gsm Paper
P697 Colorplan Pistachio A4 135gsm Paper
P698 Colorplan Powder Green A4 135gsm Paper
P646 Colorplan Pristine White A4 135gsm Paper
P450 Colorplan Purple A4 135gsm Paper
P448 Colorplan Racing Green A4 135gsm Paper
P455 Colorplan Real Grey A4 135gsm Paper
P699 Colorplan Royal Blue A4 135gsm Paper
P700 Colorplan Rust A4 135gsm Paper
P701 Colorplan Sapphire A4 135gsm Paper
P558 Colorplan Scarlet A4 135gsm Paper
P647 Colorplan Slate A4 135gsm Paper
P456 Colorplan Smoke A4 135gsm Paper
P702 Colorplan Sorbet Yellow A4 135gsm Paper
P459 Colorplan Stone A4 135gsm Paper
P648 Colorplan Tabriz Blue A4 135gsm Paper
P650 Colorplan Turquoise A4 135gsm Paper
P460 Colorplan Vellum White A4 135gsm Paper
P447 Colorplan Vermilion A4 135gsm Paper
P703 Colorplan White Frost A4 135gsm Paper

Colorplan is a beautiful, matt 135gsm matt card stock that comes in a variety of colours. It is perfect for inserts, envelope liners and card making.

Colorplan has a tactile surface that is perfect for printing and is acid-free, making it ideal for archival projects. It’s a well-known paper brand often used for prestigious projects.

Colorplan is made in the UK and is sourced from an FSC certified supplier.

Kraft (Recycled)

Our 130gsm Kraft paperstock is 100% recycled making it suitable for environmentally friendly rustic wedding invitations and card making.

Kraft stocks vary in both colour and density from batch to batch with a fibrous and rough surface enhancing its natural character;  these natural variations add to its charm and make it ideally suited to rustic wedding invitations and stationery.

This stock is sourced from an FSC certified supplier

Lottery ticket favours
Recycled kraft papers are idea for rustic wedding stationery

Pearlescent Papers

Curious Metallics

Curious Metallics Cryogen White is a range of beautiful, high-quality 120gsm paper stock.

It has a luxurious finish that catches the light and is a perfect ivory.

Its a beautiful quality paper that is perfect for inserts and lining envelopes.

Sourced from an FSC certified supplier and are made in the UK.

Peregrina Majestic

Peregrina Majestic is a double-sided 120gsm pearlescent paperstock with a smooth luxurious pearlescent surface that shimmers and catches the light when moved.

It’s perfect for luxurious inserts for handmade cards and envelope liners.

Peregrina Majestic is sourced from an FSC certified supplie

Precious Pearl

Precious Pearl is a high-quality 120gsm paperstock.

It has a luxurious pearlescent surface that shimmers and catches the light on both sides. 

It is perfect for card-making, wedding invitations, card blanks and greeting cards. 

Sourced form an FSC certified supplier.

board swatch deck
We have swatch sets to help you choose the correct shade.
Dusky Pink Wedding Invitation
Matt stocks are perfect for contemporary invitations


Stardream is a beautiful, 120gsm paperstock with a  pearlescent finish that shimmers and catches the light when moved. It is perfect for making wedding invitations and greeting cards.

Stardream is sourced from an FSC certified supplier.

Glitter Paper

Our lovely glitter papers are perfect for envelope liners when making wedding invitations or handmade cards.

We do not recommend trying to print on glitter paper.