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Gold Pearl and Diamante Embellishments

Gold Embellishments

Add a touch of elegance and timeless beauty to your wedding stationery with our exquisite gold diamante embellishments. Our gold embellishments have an intricate blend of pearls and diamantes, they're perfect for brides and wedding designers aiming to create luxurious designs. But there's something to suit each and every wedding theme and style.

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  1. Gold Estella Diamante Embellishment
    SKU: DE-293
    Gold Estella
    - +
  2. Gold Gianna Pearl Embellishment for Wedding Decorations
    SKU: DE-306
    Gold Gianna
    - +
  3. Gold Oribella (Crystal) Embellishment - DIY Wedding Craft
    - +
  4. Gold Roseto Diamante and Pearl Embellisment
    SKU: DE-273
    Gold Roseto
    - +
  5. Gold Tesoro Small Pearl and Diamante Embellishment
    - +
  6. Gold Valentina Diamante and Pearl Embellishment
    SKU: DE-312
    Gold Valentina
    - +
  7. Gold Vivienne Bow Diamante Embellishment
    SKU: DE-313
    Gold Vivienne
    - +
  8. Gold Zabra Gem Embellishment
    SKU: DE-314
    Gold Zabra
    - +
  9. Luna Gold and Pearl Embellishment - Side View
    SKU: DE-357
    - +
  10. Pearly Dream Gold diamante and pearl embellishment
    - +
  11. Poppet Gem Gold Diamante Gem Embellishment - Zoom
    SKU: DE-363
    Poppet Gem Gold
    - +
  12. Poppet Pearl Gold Embellishment - Zoom
    - +
  13. Rose Gold Nouveau
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13 Items

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Set Descending Direction

For those crafting DIY wedding invitations, you have the opportunity to design invites that perfectly reflect the essence of your special day. Expert wedding stationers can produce an extensive selection of invitations, including RSVP cards and save-the-date notices, as well as all the necessary stationery for the day of the event.

Whether placed over a luxurious satin ribbon or used for a wedding bouquet these embellishments have been designed to captivate and enchant. Their versatility makes them the perfect choice for the discerning bride-to-be who desires a wedding day enveloped in grace and luxury.

From the moment your guests receive their invitations, decorated with these gold diamante embellishments, the tone for an unforgettable day is set. It’s so more than an invitation; it’s a keepsake, a treasure that will be kept for years to come.

Some ways to incorporate our gold diamante embellishments into your wedding invitations include:

Decorate Invitation Ribbon

Place them on a luxurious ribbon wrapped elegantly around the invitation, securing a sumptuous bow with an embellishment.

Wedding Bouquets

Place amongst the flowers to reflect the light so that your guests can see the pretty glints of gold.

Decorate Your Invitation

Decorate your wedding on-the-day stationery and use as wedding favours.

Not just for Stationery

Why not sew our pretty gold embellishments onto a favourite jumper, jeans or hat to add some sparkle to your day?!

Embellishments Perfect for Crafts

Every piece from our selection promises to elevate your crafts and DIY wedding invitations with that sought-after wow factor.

For stationery, whether you're planning a boho, rustic or winter wonderland ceremony, our range of quality diamante and pearl designs can be used on all wedding stationery items to match the theme of your special day.

Team with ribbon, lace or glitter card to bring your wedding invitation design to life and make your DIY wedding invitations stand out. Not only will our embellishments add a touch of luxury and sophistication, but they also come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, allowing you to create unique designs that reflect your individual personality.

Our collection of embellishments, ranging from classic round diamante clusters to designs incorporating pearls, gold, and antique elements, presents limitless opportunities for custom crafts and bespoke wedding stationery.