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Wedding Stationery FAQs

Our Design Tips for DIY Wedding Stationery and Wedding Crafts.
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    Should I send Save the Date Cards?

    It’s an insurance really, you’ve set the date, got the venue, organized those critical things that get booked months in advance. Sending ‘Save the Dates’ means that your guests have ample warning not to book their holidays over that week or those coming from overseas have time to get organized.

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    When should I send Save the Date Cards?

    Whenever you feel it’s comfortable for you and obviously not before you’ve determined all the critical information! Most couples send their 'Save the Dates’ 12 to 18 months before the wedding day but there are no hard and fast rules!

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    When should I send out my wedding invitations?

    Traditionally wedding invitations are sent out 6 weeks before the wedding but this is rarely observed and with guests busy schedules wedding invitations are best sent out as early as you feel comfortable. Remember to order your stationery with this date in mind or begin to make them yourself in plenty of time.

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    What wording should I use for my wedding invitations?

    The wording used for your wedding invitations is so important that we've dedicated a whole page to it for you! Our page should give you all the information you need to find the wording that's just right for you.

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    Should we include guests’ children’s names on the invitations?

    If children are invited then yes include their names. If you’ve decided not to invite children it’s helpful and polite to note this on the invitations or wedding information card.

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    Should I include RSVP (Response Cards) with my wedding invitations?

    In our experience the additional effort and expense will be worth it, what’s more include an ‘RSVP’ by date. It helps to encourage guests to respond and gives you a reason to request a reply if you’ve not had a reply by your requested date! An ideal ‘reply date’ is about 4 weeks before the wedding.

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    Use RSVP's to obtain other information

    RSVP’s also give you the opportunity to ascertain other information such as any special dietary requirements (you can even include meal choices), travel/hotel arrangements and song suggestions for the evening reception.

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    Sticky stuff

    DIY wedding stationery will undoubtably involve the use of glues, double sided tape, hot glue guns or other adhesives at some point! We have a wide range of 'sticky stuff' for all of your DIY wedding stationery requirements. Click to shop now at wowvow ® for all of your stationery adhesives.

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    Should I proof read?

    YES! And make sure at least three independent people check too…………….if you’re making your own invitations you’ll be very depressed if you get to the end and then find a typo. If you’re having your stationery made you’ll be equally distressed……….read, check, read, check and then check again and don’t just check for spellings check that you have ALL the crucial information included!

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    Should I include a wedding gift list with my invitations?

    The honest answer is ‘no’ as traditionally this is the task of the Brides’ mother. If you’d like to include gift information keep this to a separate wedding information card or sheet which can be sent with the invitation.

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    How many invitations do I need?

    You’ll need one invitation per couple or family. Remember those spares and keepsakes for yourselves (we allow 10-20 % so if you’re sending 50 you’ll have 5-10 spare).

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    Wedding Invitation Postage

    Consider the postage before you decide on your wedding invitation (whether you’re making them yourself or having them made for you). Remember that sending many invitations may result in significant postage costs (especially if your invitations are a large letter and/or boxed). Some couples add stamps to their RSVP’s too as it encourages their replies.

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    When should I send my Evening Invitations?

    Try to send these at the same time as the main day time wedding invitations to avoid any confusion. Keep a good record of who is invited to each and consider sending additional invites if some guests can’t attend (as long as you send your invitations early enough). Top Tip – keep good records!

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    How many Orders of Service do I need?

    Not as many as you think! Couples and families share quite happily, if you can afford one per guest then that’s great but don’t worry if not! Remember to save yourself a keepsake!

    Also if you’re making your own (and we hope that you are) it will be a lot more cost effective and as soon as you have the Service or Ceremony details these can be made well in advance!

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    Please remember that it’s important to obtain all the relevant permissions for hymns, songs and readings for your Order of Service. It’s always wise to check.

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    Why should I DIY?

    Because YOU have control, it’s FUN and you will save yourself some money!