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Envelope Liners

Our envelope liners can be made from many of our papers, including coloured matt and pearlescent. Kraft paper, which has a natural, rustic look, is a popular envelope liner for rustic wedding invitations. For those who want a more glamorous look, glitter paper liners are an excellent option, available in various colours, including silver, gold, rose gold, and iridescent white.

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  1. C7 Envelope Liner
    Envelope Liner C7
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  2. C6 envelope liner
    Envelope Liner C6
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  3. C5 envelope liner
    Envelope Liner C5
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  4. 5 x 7" envelope liners
    SKU: 133x184-ENV-LINER
    Envelope Liner 133 x 184mm
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  5. Large Square Envelope Liner
    Envelope Liner 155 x 155mm
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  6. 130mm square envelope liner
    Envelope Liner 130 x 130mm
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What is an Envelope Liner?

An envelope liner is an additional piece of paper that is inserted inside the envelope to add protection, decoration or colour. It is placed inside the fronts section and glued onto the envelope flap and it is often used to make the envelope into something special. Envelope liners come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures and can be made from various materials, such as paper, tissue, fabric, or even lace.

Why use Envelope Liners for Wedding Envelopes?

The primary purpose of an envelope liner is to prevent the inner contents from being seen through the envelope, offering additional confidentiality and privacy. It also adds an extra layer of protection for the contents, and envelope liners help protect the invitation from any damage. With an envelope liner, the invitation is less likely to get creased or marked, ensuring that the guests receive a pristine and beautiful invite.

Not only for weddings, envelope liners also add a touch of luxury to any occasion, such as birthdays or other special events.

Using an envelope liner can greatly enhance the overall presentation of your wedding invitation. The liner can coordinate or match with the colour scheme, theme, or style of the invitation, providing a styled sophisticated wedding invitation. Guests will appreciate the attention to detail, creating a memorable invitation.

Envelope liners also add a sense of anticipation and excitement to the invitation. As the guests open the envelope, they are greeted with a beautiful and unexpected surprise, heightening their anticipation for the upcoming wedding. This little touch of magic can make your wedding invitation stand out and be remembered for years to come.

The liner style depends upon the event; for example, rustic wedding invitations often feature kraft paper envelope liners, while glitter paper liners are popular for more glamorous and festive events. While a printed floral envelope liner can complement a country-themed wedding, and a monogram design can add a personalised element.

This personalisation of the envelope liner can set the tone for the entire wedding, giving guests a glimpse of what to expect on the big day. Envelope liners can be personalised and printed to match the theme, colour scheme, or design of the overall invitation or event. Using an envelope liner for a wedding invitation is a great way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your special day. Using an envelope liner for a wedding invitation is not only practical but also adds beauty, and personalisation. With a wide range of colours, papers, and designs to choose from, envelope liners offer endless possibilities to make your wedding invitation a true reflection of your style and taste.

Envelope Liner Sizes for Wedding Envelopes

Envelope liners come in different sizes to fit all of our envelopes. In addition to our large square liners for our 155mm envelopes, you'll find envelope liners to match or coordinate with all our quality wedding envelopes. For instance, we have envelope liners to fit our 5 x 7 envelopes, C6, C5 and A7 size envelopes.

How do you fit Wedding Envelope Liners?

Before you begin, ensure you have the following items: the envelope liner, the envelope, and an adhesive (such as double-sided tape or glue).

Step 1: Prepare the Wedding Envelope Liner

If you're using one of our pre-cut envelope liners, then skip to step 2. If not, measure the length and width of the envelope and deduct approximately 0.6 cm from each measurement. Then, use a ruler and pencil to draw the outline of the liner on the back of the paper. Cut out the liner along the pencil lines and check you're happy with the size and shape.The simplest method is to download our free envelope liner templates, or if you have a spare envelope, you can always open it out and use the front and envelope flap to create your own template.

Carefully slide the liner into the envelope. Position it so that the liner is centred in the envelope and the top edge of the liner is approximately 0.6 cm below the top edge of the envelope.

Step 2: Position the Liner

Carefully slide the liner into the envelope. Position it so that the liner is centred in the envelope and the top edge of the liner is approximately 0.6 cm below the top edge of the envelope.

Step 3: Attach the Liner

Using the adhesive of your choice, apply a small amount along the top edge of the liner. Fold the liner up and press firmly to secure it to the envelope. Repeat this process along the left and right edges of the liner.

Step 4: Smooth and Finish

Use your fingers or a bone folder to smooth out any wrinkles or creases in the liner. Fold the envelope flap down and use a ruler or bone folder to create a sharp crease at the bottom. Your envelope liner is now fitted and ready to use.

Fitting an envelope liner is a simple process that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to wedding stationery. With a little bit of preparation and careful attention to detail, you can create gorgeous wedding envelope liners that leave a lasting impression on the recipient. Remember to choose an envelope liner that matches your colour scheme, style or theme, and use high-quality paper to ensure that your liner looks and feels luxurious. As envelope liners are available in different sizes and papers to fit different sizes of envelopes, they offer an excellent way to add a fun and creative touch to your invitation. Whether you choose a glittery liner or a print or plain matt paper, wedding envelope liners can take your invitations, cards, and other mailings to the next level.