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Postcards and Precut Card

Blank Postcards

Our blank postcards are ideal for creating wedding invitations and social stationery. Our premium postcards, precut from luxury card stock, are available in popular sizes like A5, A6, A7, and 5x7" to fit standard-sized envelopes.

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  1. SRA3 Card
    SKU: SRA3-Card
    SRA3 Card
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  2. A3 Card
    SKU: A3-Card
    A3 Card
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  3. A5 Flat Blank Card
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  4. 5x7 inch Flat Blank Card
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  5. A6 Flat Blank Card
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  6. A7 Flat Blank Card
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  7. 12x12" Card
    SKU: 12x12-Card
    12x12 inch Card
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  8. 150mm Square Flat Blank Card
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  9. 147mm Square Flat Blank Card
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  10. 141mm Square Flat Blank Card
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  11. 130mm Square Flat Blank Card
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  12. 125mm Square Flat Blank Card
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  13. 119mm Square Flat Blank Card
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  14. 100mm Square Flat Blank Card
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  15. 50mm Square Flat Blank Card
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  16. DL Flat Blank Card
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  17. Place Card
    SKU: Place-Flat
    Flat Blank Place Cards
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  18. Belly Band Flat Card
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18 Items

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Blank Postcards - Perfect for Creativity

Available in a huge range of board stocks, from pearlescent, matt, and textured to sparkling low-shedding glitter, our post cards are discounted according to the quantity you need and supplied without envelopes so that you can choose the perfect envelope for your design from our wide range. This also means you can order the quantity you need rather than be restricted by pack sizes.

We also have a wide range of pre-scored card blanks if you prefer a folded card for greeting cards. These are ideal for card making, on-the-day wedding stationery, and many other paper crafts.

How to Use Our Premium Postcards

Postcards are ideal for printing save the date cards, information cards and RSVP cards for weddings. They can also be used for thank you notes, holiday greetings, and to write announcements or even a simple way to keep in touch with family and friends.

For businesses, postcards can be used for promotional materials such as discount cards, product launches, and event invitations or simply as a branding tool with your company logo and contact details. 

Post Cards and Printer Tips

Can I print my own postcards at home? Yes, you can! Our postcards are designed to work with most home printers. For best results, we recommend using a high-quality printer with a straight paper path and adjusting the settings for card stock. We also suggest doing a test print on regular paper before printing on your postcard to ensure proper alignment.

If you're not confident about printing yourself, you can order our print directly online with your post cards for a very reasonable cost. We have a range of print options, from digital to white and foil.

Tips for Designing Postcards

When designing postcards we have free templates available to help you create your unique design. Simply download the template, put in your text or images and then print onto our postcards.

Some tips for easy designing:

  • Use high-resolution images
  • Choose a simple yet eye-catching layout
  • Ensure alignment of text and images
  • Keep in mind that the front is the main focal point and should be eye-catching, while the back is reserved for necessary information and space for writing.
  • Consider using bold typography and a clean layout to make your postcards stand out
  • When designing your postcards don't be afraid to add personal touches that reflect your style and personality
  • Leave enough room for addressing and stamping on the backside of your postcard if you plan on posting them

Why Choose Our Blank Postcards?

  • Top-tier Quality Card Stock: Select from our premium range of card stocks for postcards tailored to meet your specific needs, no need to order a restrictive pack size.
  • Versatile Sizes to Suit : We offer an array of sizes from small A7 to a larger A5 postcard as well as sizes specific to wedding stationery such as place cards and belly bands
  • Matching Envelopes: Rather than having a restrictive pack size, you can choose from our wide range of envelopes, allowing you ultimate flexibility in design. We offer envelopes in a range of sizes and price points so that you can find the ideal match for your postcards.
  • Convenient Pre-cut Sizes: Our precut sizes make it easy to design and print your postcards without cutting them yourself. This saves you time and ensures clean, professional-looking edges on your postcard.
  • Cost-effective: By ordering only the quantity of postcards and envelopes you need, you can save on cost.


How do you write a blank postcard?

To write simply follow these steps:

  • Start by addressing the recipient on the right side of the card.
  • Write your message on the left side, leaving enough space for an address and stamp.
  • Include any necessary details such as dates, times, and locations.
  • Sign off with your name or a personalised message

Does a postcard have to have a return address?

No, a return address is not required on a postcard but it can be helpful in case the postcard is undeliverable or needs to be returned for any reason. It also adds a personal touch and allows the recipient to respond back to you easily. 

Can I use regular stamps on a postcard?

Yes, you can use regular stamps on postcards.

What is the size of a standard postcard, and What Size is a Postcard in the UK?

In the UK, the standard size for postcards is A6 (148 x 105 mm). However, larger postcards such as 5 x 7" and A5 (210 x 148 mm) are also commonly used. When choosing a size, always consider the size of UK-barcoded stamps.

Does Word Have A Postcard Template?

Yes, Microsoft Word does have a postcard template that can be easily accessed and used for designing and printing postcards. We also provide free templates so that you can create your own unique design on our postcards.