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C7 Envelopes

Our C7 Envelopes are ideal for RSVP cards or small save the date cards when making DIY wedding invitations. They're 81 x 113mm approximately and are an essential addition to a crafters card making supplies. These cute mini envelopes can be used in various ways but are perfect for combining with your wedding stationery suite and sending tiny thank you notes and cards.

They will fit an A7 folded blank card, and they're available in a gorgeous array of colours and paperweights. Excellent quality made in the UK from luxury paper stocks and paper finishes from luxurious pearlescent to matt or recycled kraft, which is perfect for rustic wedding invitations.

Our C7 envelope size fits an A7 creased blank card which is approximately 74 x 105mm when folded or an RSVP postcard that's 74 x 105mm approximately. Ideal for DIY wedding invitations and wedding stationery they are ideal for use in pocketfold invitations or as small thank you cards.

View our handy envelope size chart for more information on the C7 envelope size, 81 x 114 mm, and the envelope sizes (UK) available. Always check the postage rate, these can be posted at the Royal Mail letter rate as long as the final total thickness isn't more than 5mm.

All of our blank cards and wedding envelopes can be mixed and matched when designing your wedding invitations. Add a luxurious feel to your wedding stationery by combining our blank cards and pocketfolds in your designs and wedding ideas.

Or combine the textures and sizes to significant effect when card making for friends and family. Our luxury coloured envelopes can also be used for wedding DIY, paper crafts, craft projects and card making for friends and family, all backed by our 5-star customer service.

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Wedding Envelope Sizes

Our range of wedding envelopes comes in various sizes and finishes so that you can personalise as you need. Our most popular choice for wedding envelopes is 5 x 7, perfect for our 5 x 7 pocketfolds. However, if you need a larger size for your wedding invitations, one option is our C5 envelopes, which easily accommodate A5 wedding invitations and also offer more than enough space to accommodate larger or bulkier wedding invitations that contain lots of information and items like maps.

Alternatively, we have two sizes of square wedding envelopes, 130mm square and 155mm square. These square envelopes are designed to accommodate our large square and small square pocketfolds, card blanks and cut card. The 155mm square tends to be used as invitation envelopes, and the 130mm square for a coordinating RSVP envelope.

Smaller Size Wedding Envelopes

Our C6 luxury envelopes tend to be used as evening invitation envelopes, save the dates or for an RSVP and our C7 envelopes are most often used for an RSVP or for place cards and escort cards etc. In addition to their functionality, our selection of wedding envelopes also comes in a range of luxurious textures and colours, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your wedding invitation.

Luxury Wedding Envelopes

Remember, you need envelopes that are a perfect fit for the wedding invitation. If you start by choosing the envelope and colour, then this dictates the design of wedding stationery from the beginning. So often, we see a wedding stationery design that doesn't fit a standard-size wedding envelope. In this case, you'll need to make an envelope yourself, have a bespoke one made or settle for a lower-quality white, which is available in a larger number of sizes. Choosing a standard-size envelope in a luxury paper stock will often save time and money.

All our cut card sizes and pocketfolds fit our luxury wedding envelopes, so this has already been considered; not only this, but our exquisitely crafted luxury envelopes are made from premium paper stock at great prices. This means you don't have to compromise on the quality of your wedding stationery and wedding envelopes.

Wedding Envelopes Paper Stock, Finishes and Colour

The paper stock for our wedding envelopes is chosen carefully to provide the best quality envelopes. We have curated our selection of envelopes to match our quality board stock so that you can personalise your stationery and save time making a choice.

Colorplan 135gsm envelopes

Colorplan 135gsm envelopes are a luxurious, high-quality option for wedding envelopes. The Colorplan range is a high-quality choice with a matt finish. This premium paper stock will a touch of sophistication and elegance to your wedding invitation.

What to Write on Wedding Envelopes

When writing on wedding envelopes, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the address should be written in a legible font or clear handwriting. It is important that the address is easy to read so that it can arrive at its intended destination without any problems. The return address should also be clearly written on the reverse.

Wedding Invitation Postage

It is also important to remember that the postage for wedding envelopes must be sufficient for the weight and size of the wedding invitation. Before sending out your invitation, make sure to test the postage with something similar in size and weight. This will save you from encountering issues and help ensure that all your invitations arrive on time.

Printing on Wedding Envelopes

When addressing wedding envelopes for your guests, it's important to be precise and make sure that the guests names are spelt correctly. Hand-lettering the envelopes is a nice, personal touch, but it can take quite a bit of time. To save time and ensure accuracy, many people opt to use a digital address envelope printing service; that way, you can have your guests names and addresses printed directly onto the envelopes.

Our Printing Services

We provide a range of digital print services for wedding envelopes in various colours, including much sought-after white print, and font styles so that you can find the perfect selection for your wedding stationery. Our digital printing service provides a professional and stylish finish, and you can also have a selection of other items printed, such as place cards.


Calligraphy on wedding envelopes adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. Calligraphy gives your wedding envelopes an authentic, personal feel, making them stand out from the rest. Printed addresses can be done in a range of colours, styles and fonts, but hand-lettered calligraphy is truly unique. It adds an old-world charm to wedding envelopes. Do be careful with legibility though, unless you are hand-delivering the wedding invitations.

Wedding Envelopes and Choosing a Font

Choosing a font for addressing wedding envelopes is critically important. While scripts are aesthetically pleasing, they can be difficult to read, or the automated postal system may be unable to cope, leading to delays. Most couples choose a two-font combination, a script type for guests names and an easy to read type for the actual addresses.

Perfect Wedding Envelopes

No matter what type or size of wedding invitation you choose, we have the wedding envelope colour for your special day!