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Sealing Wax and Wax Seal Stamps

We have a beautiful selection of wedding seal wax and wax seal stamps that can be used to make wax seal wedding invitations.

Use the wax seal stamp and glue gun sealing wax together to create custom wax seals or individual invitation wax seals to seal your wedding envelopes and decorate personalised wedding stationery.

Melting the sealing wax is very therapeutic and the wax seal stamp can be used over and over so even after the wedding day you can create beautiful stationery or vintage seals for wedding cards and gift cards.

If you're looking for DIY wedding ideas take a look at our blog for inspiration.

  1. DIY Wax Seal Wedding Invitations

    DIY Wax Seal Wedding Invitations

    A Personalised Wax Seal Traditional wax letter seals have an elegance that's perfect for wedding stationery, especially wedding invitations.A personalised wax seal is as unique as the person who creates it, and it can be used as part of the wedding stationery design or as a wax envelope seal. They can transform your wedding invitations and are easy to make...
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