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Fray Check

In stock
How you do stop ribbon from fraying? Frey check has the answer. Are you sick and tired of your ribbons fraying on the end? Just one loose strand of ribbon can unravel all of your ribbon creations ! Fray Check is a product which will say goodbye to all that. Simply squeeze a minute amount onto the end of your ribbon - no more fraying! It is also ideal for seams, hems and buttons holes too! A simple remedy. Fray Check is a waterproof glue designed for sealing fabric. Fray check is a colourless liquid which strengthens and binds fabric surfaces. While fray check is colourless always check on an inconspicuous area first - on certain fabrics you may be able to see the Fray Check even when dry. Please note that this product cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.


Fray Check from Prym 25ml bottle. Need advice as to how do you prevent ribbon from fraying - use Fray check ! A diagonal or 'V' cut of the ribbon may also help reduced fraying.

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