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Crafty Bits

We have a superb section of tools, everything from tweezers to heat tools, craft knives to hot glue guns. We always try to offer practical advice guiding you to the best ‘tool for the job’.

We have a whole department dedicated to craft glues and adhesives which will ensure you are well equipped with the correct type of adhesive for your craft or wedding stationery project from glue dots, glue lines, vellum bond, etc.

If you require beautiful pens or want to make your own wax seals which are a wonderful decorative element for wedding stationery - either as part of the design itself or for sealing envelopes, there's plenty to choose from.

From the basic tools, you need right through to bow-makers and beautiful punches for those finishing touches we’ve all you need!

When working with paper, card, fabric or other materials the wrong adhesive can really spoil the appearance so we've tried to give as much advice as possible about the products. If you're ever in doubt about the best adhesive or glue to use just give us a call and we'd be happy to advise. From hot glue guns to glue dots and all the specialist adhesives in between we've got a huge collection to choose from. When we used to produce wedding stationery for customers we swore by ATG tape and gun dispenser, so time-saving and brilliant for pocket folds, wallet etc. Sticking card on top of glitter card? Zip-dry was the winner of the exhaustive tests we ran. There are so many different types of glue and double-sided tape yet, often, a crafters best friend can be the humble glue stick!